Tuesday, October 20, 2009

San Diego

We took yet another weekend trip last weekend, this time to San Diego. There was a musical playing there that Doug and I have been following the development of, and this was a great chance to see it. Southwest has a nonstop flight, so that made it fairly convenient. We got there early on Saturday morning and then left again Sunday morning, so it was a quick trip.

We checked into the hotel and then went out to an Indian restaurant for lunch. Carter will usually try just about anything, but then settles on things like chicken and bread, LOL.

Back in the hotel room, he was too excited to play with his cars to take a nap right away. It's amazing how much more convenient it is to carry around a bunch of little cars than the huge baby toys we used to take with us when we travel. I remember packing the baby gym every time we went anywhere, and it took up half the suitcase. On this trip, we carried everything on the plane, and had nothing to check.

Michelle came along to stay with Carter while we went to the play, and after Carter's nap she took him walking around downtown San Diego. The Children's Museum was closed when they got there, but she took some pictures of Carter playing outside on the playground.

This one totally made me cry!

His pants are wet here from playing in a water area.

Doug and I had a great time at the play, and then went to a pub for beers in the middle of the afternoon -- something we haven't done in ages. That evening we took Carter down to Seaport Village, a great little area of shops and restaurants on the water. we found a place to eat dinner overlooking the bay, where we could watch boats while we ate. Carter held onto a breadstick the entire walk back to the hotel, and ate the whole thing!

The next morning, our flight was delayed, and we spent several hours waiting in the airport. Carter got a lot of chances to run around while we took turns chasing him. At one point, he ran by a woman who was holding a small baby, with me chasing after him. I heard the woman sitting next to her say, "That's going to be you soon, you know." I laughed, because it's so true! I remember when Carter was tiny and I would find toddlers overwhelming to be around. It's interesting how they grow and change so slowly that you don't really notice until one day you realize that your child is now that rambunctious toddler.

Carter finally settled down when it got close to time to board. I love these two pictures. They really capture the feeling of being a kid and waiting, I think.

"Do grownups EVER stop talking?"


He wore himself out and slept almost the entire flight home, happily! He's now been on 57 flights. In a few weeks we'll go to LA for the weekend, and he'll add a couple more.


Debby said...

Looks like such fun....love the pics...Love you all Mom/Nana

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big he is! I know that soon I will be the one chasing a toddler all over the place but I keep looking at my huge three month old and thinking, "How much bigger can this kid get?" And then I see babies I've known grown into toddlers and remember what it's like.

When are you coming to LA?