Friday, July 10, 2009

Helping, signing, and talking.

Carter is soaking up new words and signs like crazy these days. It's really fun to watch! I have a couple of videos to post from today that demonstrate new stuff he's learning.

In this first one, he's helping unload the dishwasher and putting silverware away.

He protested wearing clothes this morning, heh. Sometimes he'll bring clothes and want you to help him put them on, and sometimes he doesn't want to wear clothes at all!

Here Carter is reading a book about trains. He signs and says quite a few words here.

His teeth are really bothering him, poor baby. But he tries to make the best of it.


Debby said...

I love his sweet! Such a smart little boy...Love you!

kirsten said...

I haven't been able to watch one of his videos in a while-- he's saying so much! I love watching him sign; he's making such beautiful sense of the world. ♥