Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week at the beach

Every year my Mom's family rents a house down at Ocean Isle Beach, NC, and we all spend a week there, just relaxing and hanging out together. Most of the extended family goes, and this year there there were my mom's parents, my mom, me and Carter, my sister Donna and her husband and two kids, my mom's sister Bonnie, her husband, and her daughters Joni and Julie, along with Julie's husband and daughter. All four kids were 3 and under, so it was a fun week!

This was the 9th year we've made the trip, and it's turned nto a great tradition. It's so much fun to get to share this with the next generation! I sorted through all my photos and put the best of them in a slideshow.

Here is a picture my mom took of Carter, and I think it's really an amazing shot of him.

Carter had a really big week. He started walking for real on Wednesday, and can now walk for about 12-15 feet before he falls down. He also has learned a lot of words and signs, so many it's hard to list them all. He's even started babbling a lot lately, which is really cute. He got to swim in the pool, play with his cousins, dig in the sand, and play with lots and lots of wheels. "Wheel" is his current favorite word, and he spots them everywhere. He's completely obsessed with wheels, heh. I need to get that on video, because it's really cute.

Here are some video highlights from the week. The first shows Carter swimming in the pool with my mom. He didn't want to sit in any of the floats, but when we put water wings on him, he would kick his feet like he was swimming.

This video shows Carter playing with two of his cousins, Matti and Emma. They are dancing to music, so cute!

This one shows Carter walking around on the front porch of the beach house. It would have been hard for me to imagine this a week ago!

These two videos show Carer playing in the sand on the beach. He really liked digging in the mud and splashing in the water.

It was a great trip, and we're already looking forward to next year's trip. :-)

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