Saturday, May 30, 2009

In North Carolina!

I am sooo far behind in updating this! A lot has happend in the last week, and we've been a lot of places. I should have updated earlier with all the stuff we've been doing, and there's too much to try to catch up now, but I'll do my best.

We spent last weekend at my father and step-mother's house, where Carter got to pet chickens, horses, dogs, and cats, splash in a puddle, and generally have a great time. Here are some pictures:

We then spent a few days with my grandparents, during which time Carter splashed in lots of mud puddles and tried to eat a slug. It rained the whole time, which was tough because Carter loves to be outside, and doesn't understand the concept of bad weather.

We headed to Ocean Isle Beach on Thursday night for our annual family beach trip. We go every year as a large group and rent a house, and it's a lot of fun. There are 4 great-grandchildren, all 3 and under, so it's quite an adventure! Last year three of those kids were 5 months and under, so this year tey're really enjoying the beach for the first time. The house we've rented is on the beach and has a pool, so we have a lot of options for outdoor fun.

Here are some pictures down by the pool. Carter really loves being in the water, a little too much, actually! We definitely need to do swim lessons this summer, and be extra careful around the pool with him. He will climb in by himself, and loves to jump in. He seems to have no problem going underwater, and likes to kick hs feet. We should be able to get him swimming this year.

Carter loves the beach! He loves digging in the sand and sitting in the surf. He wasn't a bit afraid of the ocean and kept crawling out deeper! After all those mud puddles I wouldn't let him play in last week, he was really in heaven digging in the wet sand.

Here is a cute video of him playing in the surf.

That's it for now. I will try to post more soon!

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