Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh, sh%t.

This happened 10 minutes ago, and I have only now been able to stop laughing long enough to write it down.

After dinner, I stripped Carter down and changed his diaper, like I always do. I didn't have any clothes handy to put on him, so I left him in just a diaper to crawl around until I could finish cleaning up his high chair and get some clean clothes for him. Again, this is something we do every day.

I dropped the diaper in the pail and then went to turn over the laundry. No more than a minute passed before I heard Doug calling from the living room, "Help! Come quick!"

I came around the corner to see Doug holding a butt naked Carter, with a look of combined horror and disgust on his face. Carter's feet were kicking like he was running in the air. It was a moment before I saw what had happened.

Stretching from the kitchen all the way across the living room floor was a little trail of turds. A few feet behind Doug was a poopy diaper, which Carter had taken off. Carter's hands were holding squished turds, and there was poop all over Doug's shirt. Doug later said he'd looked up from his laptop to see Carter crawling across the floor with something dragging behind him -- his diaper, which had gotten hung on his foot after he took it off. He lost about half the poop along the way, and when he stopped crawling he picked some up to squish between his fingers. That happened in the single second it took Doug to get across the room to him.

I lost it. I was laughing so hard I fell on the floor. Carter's legs were still going like a cartoon character, and it was all I could do to grab a wipe and start cleaning him up. Even Doug started laughing then. I mean, how could you not laugh at that? It was funny!

We got him cleaned up, picked up all the poop off the floor, and I put on a clean diaper and CLOTHES this time, so as to prevent him from taking off the diaper again. He was looking at us like we were crazy. Fortunately, he didn't understand why we were laughing!

Oy vey. :-D


Debby said...

I was laughing as I read this... Now Joni poop story has a competing one. I love it....Love you!!! Mom

Jill Finnerty Ricardo said...

Reagan, who will be two tomorrow, is showing signs of wanting to potty train by consistently digging in his diaper (even when he's fully dressed--he's very resourceful), pulling out a sample and bringing it to show me. Poopy, mommy, poopy! Yes, honey, I see, and when I stop puking my brains out I will change your diaper!

Pam Marion said...

I too was taken back to Debby and Joni's poopy event.This is an event for every parent to experience!"Sh_t happens" as it has been stated more than once!At least, no major damage was done or any scars for life.

Joni said...