Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clapping, climbing, and generally wearing Mommy out

It's almost 8:00 on Saturday evening, and Doug just got home from a business trip. Which means I now have time to update, heh. It's just been me and Carter for a few days, and I'm really tired today! As much as I love spending time with him, it's really intense these days. One of the things I didn't really understand about parenthood is that it really is 24/7. I'm never really "off". I guess I always thought I could get stuff done when Carter was napping, but no... not really. I do get some online stuff done, and frankly, it's nice to have a chance to sit down. The parenting style I chose is really intense in the first few years, and that is really supposed to pay off later. I'm sure it will, but every now and then I marvel at just how all-consuming it is!

Carter had a big couple of days. He's been signing "light" pretty much constantly, and he signs it at lamps, overhead lights, chandeliers, and the lights over the stove, so I'm pretty sure he gets the concept. It's pretty cool!

This morning, out of the blue, he started clapping his hands. I have no idea why, but he decided today was the day. And he totally understands the purpose of clapping, because he does it at the right time, like when he's excited about something or wants to show appreciation for something he found entertaining. He clapped when Doug came home, which was really cute. I even managed to catch it on video. So cute!

Something else he's really good at now is climbing the stairs. He's scary-good at it, actually.

It was really beautiful today, and Carter and I spent some time outside. He's getting so adventurous, and it's fun to watch. This is what happened today:

"Hey, look at these cool trees."

"Hi, Mommy!"

"I think I can fit through here..."

"I seem to be stuck."

"Yep, definitely stuck. Ooh, look! Dirt!"

"It's all wet and squishy!"

"Hmmm... Sort of earthy, with a piquant finish."

He really was stuck, too. I had a hard time getting him out! A few minutes later he whacked himself in the head with a stick really hard and that was the end of our fun. :-(

It's getting close to bath time, so I need to wrap this up. I'm so glad Doug is home! :-D

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