Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's a day late, but I finally got around to downloading my pictures and putting them on Flickr. There were so many that I couldn't choose, so I uploaded them all and have them here as a slideshow. There are 66 in all, just to warn you.

Carter has had a good week, though we all have mild colds. Poor Carter has never been sick before, and having a slightly runny nose is really weirding him out. He will rub at his nose and whine and look at me, like he's trying to say, "Mommy, why does my nose feel funny?" We're lucky that our colds are pretty tame, though. We just have runny noses and a slight cough, and that's about it.

He's finally started to crawl for real. He doesn't do it all the time, and he can't do it for very long, but he will crawl on his hands and knees for several feet before collapsing onto his tummy and commando crawling the rest of the way. He's constantly pulling up and trying to cruise on furniture, too, which has really impressed Doug's parents. He's sweet and smiley and friendly, as always, and is just a joy to be around.

He got a ton of toys for Christmas, so many that we didn't even start to open up all the boxes. We shipped most of them home, and I think we'll open them gradually over the next few months. The vast majority of them require batteries, of course! I think I should just go to Costco and stock up on AAs.

I had intended to take Carter out into the snow and get some pictures of him looking at it and playing with it, but I haven't had a chance because he's been sick. I hope we can before we leave -- we'll see. He probably won't see any more snow for a couple of years, so this is our chance to get a picture of him in snow as a baby.

That's it for now. Carter is taking a nap and may wake up at any moment... I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I'll leave you with a favorite picture from Christmas Eve. Here is my Christmas present:


Debby said...

Thanks for the pictures... I love your present!!!!! Love you Mom

Emily said...

what a great picture-you both are so beautiful!! Merry Christmas to you!

going to look at all the other 66 pics now! :)