Monday, December 22, 2008


I can't believe I haven't posted in several days. That's not like me! But last week was really crazy busy, and then we headed to Colorado on Saturday morning. This has been the first chance I've had to sit down with my laptop.

First of all, it's cold here. When I got up on Sunday morning, it was -4 outside. Yes, with a negative sign. That is just insane! So we didn't go outside at all that day. Doug actually had to go to New York on a business trip on Sunday morning, so Carter and I have been hanging around at his parents' house in Fort Morgan.

Carter has had fun playing with his grandparents so far, and has impressed them with his quick commando crawl. He apparently did some real crawling this morning while I was in the shower, and of course, he hasn't done it again. He gets a little bit closer every day, though, and I keep thinking he'll start crawling for real any time now. Of course, I've thought that for about six weeks now, so we'll see. He's really started sitting up well in the last couple of days, though. He can get himself to sitting from just about any position now, from his stomach, back, side, or from his hands and knees. He couldn't do that a week ago!

It's been really fun to see him through someone else's eyes. His stubbornness and determination have really stood out to me in these last few days. I think part of it is watching him explore a new environment, and finding new things to play with. When he really wants something, he gets this look of intense concentration on his face, and it's really cute. I love that he's so stubborn and determined. I think it's going to serve him well in life. :-)

I haven't really taken any new pictures since we've been here, but my mom posted a bunch of old ones on Facebook and I snagged a couple of them. This is me as a baby:

Doesn't that look like Carter? The smile is exactly the same, and so is the shape of his face and the hair. It's just amazing to me! Poor kid. ;-)

This one is neat too, it's my dad, mom, me, and my great-grandmother at Christmas in 1971:

Mom holding me looks so much like me holding Carter! Except that I am currently twice the age she was in that picture, heh.

I'll try to take some pictures and get them posted in the next day or so, and I'll definitely post lots of pictures of Christmas!

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Debby said...

Now you can see why I always say that there are times when Carter looks at me it is like looking into your eyes so many years ago...tears!!! Love you! Mom