Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5: Nature boy

Carter loves being outside. I mean seriously, he LOVES it. If he's fussy at all, taking him outside will calm him down. He loves to look at trees, and will just lie on a blanket and stare up at the branches, looking almost thoughtful.

When we go to the playgroup at the park on Mondays he will often spend the first ten minutes or so just looking. Last week a few people were watching him and commented on how incredibly content he looked just lying there. He will get bored after a few minutes and then become social, but it's so interesting to me that he seems to love nature so much. Bugs, birds, squirrels, leaves -- all of it is fascinating. I'm thinking we might have to look into a Waldorf preschool for him when the time comes.

We recently had our yard de-fire-anted, which means we can go sit in the back yard now. We have a lovely, shady back yard, and we've never spent much time in it because of the fire ants. There are still a lot of mosquitoes, but their numbers are falling off a bit now that it's getting cooler. It's really nice to be able to enjoy it now. We'll eventually get Carter a playscape-like structure. Maybe I could hang a baby swing in the tree in the meanwhile. :-)

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Mareike said...

I vote for a Waldorf pre-school. My mom was a kindergarten teacher at the Rudolf Steiner school in Manhatten (the first Waldorf school in this country.) They really foster a love of all that is beautiful in this world; an appreciation for music and art and they provide simple toys which allow the child to use his/her imagination rather than a bunch of gadgets that dictate what one should do with them. (This my humble opinion.)