Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21: Long week = OVER!

This was a long week for me, and I'm so glad it's over! I spent 32 hours away from Carter this week over 4 days; it's usually 20 hours over 3 days. But next week it will pay off, and as of noon Tuesday we will all three be together for almost an entire week. :-)

I haven't got any new pictures to upload just yet, partly because I haven't had time to take any this week. I'm also trying to get everything moved over to my new laptop (it just got its hard drive replaced, yay) and I am am re-installing the camera software as I write this. So there should be pictures tomorrow!

Carter had two good naps today, Michelle said, and that usually means he goes to bed easily. It's funny how that works. You'd think that being tireder would make a baby fall asleep more easily, but no. Not at all. :-P

Carter has finally gotten mobile enough that he can't be left alone on raised surfaces any more, even for a moment. Tonight he really wanted to be held while I was cooking dinner, so I sat him on the couch while I tied the wrap on. I was standing with my knees against the couch, and that was a good thing because he crawled forward and tried to dive off the couch head-first! No more leaving him on the changing table while I get his bath ready, either. He now flips onto his tummy while I'm changing his diaper.

The funny thing is, I know it won't be much longer before I can't trust him on the floor either. He is really starting to roll around now. Sometimes he just goes back and forth and stays in one place, and sometimes he makes his way across the room. Slowly, but still, he doesn't just stay where you put him any more!

One more thing that is new is that Carter is starting to say something that sounds a lot like "Mama". I'm not sure he uses it to refer to me, though; it seems to be more a sound of general unhappiness. It's said when he's tired and fussy and not happy at the current moment, and comes out sort of as a whiny "Ma-ma". Thanks, kiddo! The only real word he seems to say still is "kiki" for kitty. He only says kiki when he is looking right at one of the cats, so I'm pretty sure he really means "kitty". It's very cute!


Debby said...

You and your sister said mama,mama with you were upset, tired, or basicly uphappy. You both said dada when you were happy...I guess monther nature sets in as mama was the sound that babies new was associated with comforting... I can not wait to see you you!

Rita said...

My sis the linguist would point out that "mama" is one of the first sounds that infants make, which is why it has become the universal word for "mother." On the other hand, for mothers, you wonder if the kid means you, or is just experimenting with talking.