Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15: Halfway there!

When I decided to do NaBloPoMo, I wondered if it would be hard to find something to post about every day. It hasn't been so far, and I've posted a lot more pictures than I thought I would. 16 posts in 15 days so far!

We went to Costco yesterday and they had holiday stuff out. We stopped to check out a Christmas tree, and I realized it was the first one he's seen, so I took a video with my phone. (It doesn't have sound; I still haven't figured out why that doesn't work.)

I'm starting to get really excited for Christmas! I bought him some Christmas PJs in a 12 months size, and decided to put them on him this morning. They pretty much fit him, much to my surprise. :-P

Here he is playing in the laundry basket in said PJs:

How can he be fitting into 12 month clothes? HOW???

Oh, my little boy is growing up way too fast...

Changing the subject a bit: I recently got a book on baby-led weaning, which is the feeding strategy we're using, and it's been a great read so far. The first few chapters are about the physiology of babies' mouths as they develop, and I could see exactly where Carter was along that trajectory. At the stage he's in now, he's learning how to push food around in his mouth with his tongue, and I see him working hard on that. I think he is swallowing a bit here and there. He doesn't gag much at all any more. The book emphasizes the importance of letting babies gets lots of practice with different foods, and so I've been trying to give him a little of my food every time I eat.

Last night he tried a brussels sprout, and he really liked it. He worked on it until it was pretty much shredded. (This was was also taken with my phone. I need to avoid doing that from now on...)

He's also doing the chipmunk thing, where he will hold onto a bit of food in his mouth for a long time. A few nights ago I found something in his mouth an hour after dinner! My concern there is that if he's lying on his back, he doesn't have gravity to help him get the food out of his mouth like he does when he's sitting up, and he might gag on it and throw up. So now we do "chipmunk checks" before leaving the table.

And this morning at breakfast he had some scrambled egg. He really seemed to like that too. (Sorry, Doug!)

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12 looks so cute in the laundry basket!!!