Friday, November 14, 2008

November 14: Happy baby!

He really is a happy baby. He has his fussy moments, but I wouldn't call him "high-needs" by any stretch of the imagination. He's easy to make smile and laugh, and he's pretty content most of the time.

Here is a new activity he really enjoys, and will work on for as long as an hour: emptying his toy box.

He'll pull out each toy and check it out. He'll shake it, taste it, set it down, pick it up again, and so on. Some things he'll toss aside right away, and others he'll decide to explore for a long time. His choices change every time, so I can only assume things are more interesting some days than others.

Sorry for the blurriness; I took these with my phone.

I've started noticing his different facial expressions lately. It's fun to see his reactions to things, whether it's surprise, curiosity, or excitement. He gets a look of concentration when he's carefully examining an object. Even though the accompanying whine sounds the same, his look of frustration with physical objects and the expression he makes when he genuinely needs me are totally different. When he cries, he looks utterly shattered. It's almost cute, and you can do nothing but pick him up and cuddle him.

The one that gets me the most, though, is this expression I can't quite describe. He gets it when he's trying to look at something that's just out of his view. his mouth opens and contracts slightly, and he looks EXACTLY like my Grandpa Christian for a brief moment. Sometimes I burst into tears at the sight. I can't help it. I wish Grandpa and Grandma could have met him. They would have adored him. ♥

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Debby said...

Tears!! I wish they could have seen all of their great-grandchildren..They would have been so proud!! I love the pics of the toy box hunt....Love you!