Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11: Moving towards crawling

This is totally going to be a video spam post! In the last few days, Carter has seemed to suddenly become a lot more mobile. He rolls more easily, scoots himself around on the floor, and can even push up on his knees a little bit. I knew something was up because he's been waking up a lot at night, and I think this, along with the teething, was the reason.

So here are three videos from today. In the first one, you can see Carter trying to push onto his knees and moving himself around a little.

In this video, he really wants to get to a phone on the floor, but has an obstacle in his way...

This last one is long, but watch it for the ending. It's funny!

His teeth are still bothering him, I think. He won't let you touch his lower gums, and he spends a lot of time poking at his new teeth with his tongue. Poor baby. :-(


Debby said...

I can't believe how well he is doing.. he really wants to move and explore...great videos... Love you Mom..

Mattison Grace said...

He is a little wiggle worm like Matti. He is so full of excitement. Those legs don't stop. Are you having problems changing him yet? Matti will not stay on her back.
Also, I believe it will be less than a month and he will be crawling full force. Enjoy these peaceful moment while he is still rolling around and scooting because once they learn to crawl there is no slow speed.
That last video was funny! It cracked me up. Oh yeah, it sounds like Carter might have inherited that "Marion Throat" as well. Matti chokes on her spit all the time. HA