Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Doug is home this weekend, which is so much fun. It feels like we are a little family! We go out with Carter, and play with him, and just enjoy spending time together. Most people probably take that for granted, but with him traveling so much it's something I really appreciate.

The weather has been a lot more pleasant here lately with highs in the upper 80s, which means we can go outside and not be miserable. I've been spending mornings sitting on the deck with Carter, and we've gone for walks with the new stroller. There is a great park in our neighborhood with lots of cool playground equipment. It will be a few years before Carter will be able to fully enjoy it, but it's great to know it's there.

We finally did something today we'd been waiting until he hit the six-month mark to do: get in the pool! I had a couple of floats ready for him to try, and Doug even heated the pool up a bit so it wouldn't be too cold. We realized we hadn't been in the pool ourselves in a year, which is scary. But we got in with Carter this afternoon, and it was fun! He seemed like he had fun, though he wasn't overly impressed.

Here is a video we took right when we first got him in.

And here are some pictures:

We didn't have any sunscreen on him, so we just stayed in a few minutes. I need to get some baby-safe sunscreen...

And finally, here is a little video of him playing with a plastic water bottle. This is the sort of thing that is probably only interesting to me, heh. I'm just so fascinated with how much better he is getting at manipulating objects lately.

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Mattison Grace said...

I am telling you do not buy toys. Homemade ones are the best. There are a lot of suggestions for homemade toys on the internet. We have bought Matti several age appropriate toys and seems does not care one thing about those. She either wants to play in the kitchen cabinet or with plastic bottles that have popcorn seeds in them. Anything that makes noise and she can shake or bang on.
I just love baby feet myself. Carter has a chunky set of feet. Those are the best.
Enjoy those warm days in the pool. I am jealous. Matti loves the water. HA-
I cannot wait to see Carter again. Time is going by too fast. They are growing up -before you know it they will be in school! (Tears)