Friday, September 19, 2008

Another week gone.

In a few days, Carter will be six months adjusted. That's an easier number for me to deal with than his actual age of 8.5 months. Before I know it, it will be a year, and then two. I may not get to have another child or experience any of this again, so I try very hard to enjoy every minute of it.

Six months is a notable milestone because it means that Carter's digestive system could probably handle solid food now. We're going to delay solids as long as possible; we want to skip the puree stage and start him on solids when he's ready to self-feed. We may start putting chunks of food in front of him every now and then to see what he does with them. The readiness signs for self-feeding are ability to sit unsupported, loss of the tongue-thrust reflex, and having a good pincer grasp. He's not quite there on any of those three, but we can give him food occasionally to test him.

We went to La Leche League last night, which was fun. It was a small group, but there was another mom we'd seen there before, with a baby born just two weeks before Carter, so he's almost 9 months. She's also delaying solids, and said her baby would play with food they gave him, but wasn't all that interested in eating it yet. She seemed relieved to know we were delaying as well, and then the LLL leader assured her that many moms who breastfeed delay solids. There was a mom there with a three-week old baby too, and he was so tiny and cute! It's hard for me to remember how small Carter was. I look at the pictures, and that tiny creature in the hospital barely looks like him.

On to some video! Carter is getting a little better at sitting every day.

I love how falling over doesn't stop him from playing! What is it about baby feet that is so adorable?

Here are those feet one more time.

Don't you just want to smooch them? :-D

And lastly, weight check: I weighed him after his bath a couple of nights ago, and he was right at 18 pounds. He feels about that heavy!

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Debby said...

I could kiss those little feet...He is such a big boy!! Love you, Nana