Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sitting up, rolling over -- well, not yet, but getting there!

So remember how I said in yesterday's post that Carter hates the exersaucer? Well, last night I put him in it one more time, and he did fine. Guess it just took four tries!

This morning I had some meetings to go to across town, and I had to take Carter with me since we haven't got a nanny arranged yet. But he did really well. He sat on my lap and chewed my fingers for the first half hour, slept on my chest for the second half hour, and then chewed on my fingers some more for the third half hour. He seemed completely content to just hang out on my lap and wasn't fussy at all! He fell asleep in the car after that:

He's getting so big that I'm starting to wonder how much longer he'll fit in that infant seat. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have gotten a convertible seat instead. We hardly ever use the seat as an infant carrier, and it would have saved us from having to buy another seat so soon.

And now on to the milestones. I've been meaning to get some of this stuff on video for a week or so now. First, after hating the Bumbo seat for months, he just recently decided that he likes sitting in it:

Speaking of sitting, he's working on it. He can sit with pretty minimal support, and can even sit on his own for about a second. This isn't really a great video of it, but it's kind of cute:

He can roll onto his side, though he can't yet roll over. Oddly enough, he was able to roll onto his side when he was very tiny, and when he got bigger he wasn't able to do it any more. He's just recently started doing it again.

He loves his taggie blanket. I bought it at a local baby store that carries cloth diapers and local WAHM-made products, so it was made by a local mom. It's so cute!

We went out to dinner tonight to a Mexican restaurant we go to several times a month, a place Carter has been maybe a dozen times. And tonight, for some reason, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the place. He clung to me for the first 15 minutes we were there, with his face buried in my chest, sucking his thumb, and shyly peeking out every now and then. He's never done that before! He eventually warmed up and we were able to put him in the high chair while we ate. He chewed on his blankie and seemed content the rest of the time. Interesting!


Mattison Grace said...

AWWWW... He is so cute. I just cannot wait to get my hands on him. The exersaucer is a great thing. Pretty soon he will be chewing on the doggies ears. I have read that babies that are a little "chubbier" have a harder time sitting up and rolling over. I doubt it will be very long before he does these things. I swear you will get up one morning and find he can sit unassisted for a long time. It is crazy how these things happen over night.
I admire you taking Carter everywhere. Since the episode at the beach when we were all trying to eat out and all the babies were fussy I have been a little shy of going out to eat. I am pretty sure she would do well, but still nervous about it. You are such a great mother! Carter is going to be the smartest little boy ever!!!

Debby said...

I love looking into his mother's blue eyes...So many precioius memories come back...The way he smiles, his cubby cheeks, and those beautiful eyes.....are his beautiful mothers!!!! I love you both... Nana B