Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seven months and change

Carter was seven months old as of last Friday!

We were out of town from last Wednesday through Sunday, and this is the first chance I've had to post. We met Doug in Chicago on his way home from two weeks in Europe, and had a good time.

Carter did well on the flights, as usual. He's getting to be quite the expert flier! He's already been on 11 flights (over five trips), and we have at least six more trips that will require air travel planned before he turns one. He will have been on more flights before he's one than Doug and I were before we were 20! So far the key to a smooth flight seems to be two-fold: timing and a Boppy. I try to time it so that when we board a flight he is hungry. As soon as the door of the plane closes, I get out the Boppy and nurse him through take-off. He'll usually go to sleep and stay asleep for the entire flight. The Boppy makes that long of a nap possible -- he often naps across the Boppy on my lap at home. In fact, he's doing that right now...

We got a babysitter through a Chicago agency for Friday and Saturday nights, and Doug and I went out to dinner. Carter seemed to do well with the sitter, and we enjoyed having a couple of grownup nights together. The sitter seemed to be able to get him to take a bottle, so that was a relief.

I took the rented scale back, so I have no idea what Carter weighs now. It has to be more than 16 pounds by now. He's getting really chubby, so much that people comment on it! He's wearing 3-6 month and 6-month clothes now. Some of the smaller 6 month clothes are tight on him, particularly around the middle.

He's still working on sitting up. He can sometimes sit unsupported for a few seconds, which I have yet to get on video. He hasn't really tried to roll over yet. When he's laying on his back, he seems content just to kick and flail. I've tried putting a toy just out of reach, and he'll twist his upper body toward it -- but that bottom half stays planted flat on the ground!

Here are some pictures, mostly taken yesterday. Look at those chubby cheeks!

Playing "airplane" with Daddy:

Doing some tummy time:

This outfit is a 6 month size, and look how tight it is around his tummy!

Here are a couple of tummy time videos. In the first one he's on the small tummy time pillow and not really happy about it. He tends to try to crawl over it these days, which I finally managed to catch on video.

He does better on the regular Boppy. Lucy really wanted to be part of the fun in this one. You can see that he's starting to pay more attention to the cats here.

We also got him an exersaucer, but the three times he's been put in it, he's just cried. I think it's a bit overwhelming for him at the moment. He's also not used to being in that position, and it seems to freak him out a little.


Emma K said...

Wow, he looks so different from the last time I saw him! He is really getting big isn't he! I think he's really starting to look like his Daddy, esp. in that first picture of him smiling. I can't wait to see him again and see him next to Emma, he may have surpassed her in weight the next time we see each other! Hugs!

bonbonbanker said...

Jen, wow, he is really big!!! Look at those apple cheeks...You had apple cheeks when you were a baby.
I love the videos, it show how much he is doing..
Aunt Bonnie

Mattison Grace said...

I have to agree with everyone else. He is so BIG! He looks like a little man. He is so chubby. That six month outfit is very tight on his belly.
He is so alert and I think he does a great job on his tummy by the videos I see. Some babies just like to be on thier backs and play. One he figures out how to crawl he will want to crawl all the time. By the looks of it, it will not be long. I am so excited to get to see him again next month.
By the way, he does have some pinchable chubby cheeks :-)