Monday, July 28, 2008

Working on sitting; travel

We just got back from my Up With People reunion in Tucson, where Carter was a big hit. It's fun to carry a baby around. They get so much attention! He did really well the whole weekend, and I didn't have to miss much of the reunion.

Here he is on the airplane. He's a good flier (so far). He smiles at everyone and seems not to have any problems with the air pressure.

He's become really smiley lately; he's just discovered that his smile gets him attention. He watches people intently, and the moment they look his direction he smiles his cutest, sweetest baby smile.

If they don't notice his smile, he will actually furrow his little forehead and look confused, and then he'll watch until they look his way again so he can try one more time. It's really adorable! On the airplane home he was laying across my lap on the Boppy, and he watched the flight attendant going up and down the aisle. When she passed he would grin at her, and turn his head to watch her walk past and away. He kept smiling at the woman sitting next to us while nursing too. When she looked his direction, he'd pop off and flash her a big milky grin. I had to keep one hand on my shirt so as not to flash people, heh.

Carter is working really hard on sitting up lately. He likes to sit up in my lap, and is getting stronger all the time. He can sit propped up in the Boppy like this:

He can also sit on the floor with fairly minimal support. I took this video of him sitting this afternoon.

I'm not sure how much longer it will be before he will be sitting on his own, but at this rate I'm thinking a matter of weeks. He's become really clingy lately and wants to be held constantly, but I really don't mind. I know it will be just a matter of time before he will be independent and crawling around, and he won't need constant contact with me any more. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it!

Here's a little video we took of him about a week ago. I got him a sippy cup with a straw and put some pumped milk in it to see what he would do. He chewed on the straw a bit and then managed to get a little milk out.

Finally, he weighed 15 pounds, 6 ounces this morning. I'm not sure how long he'll keep growing at this rate, but I'm guessing it will have to slow down soon.


bonbonbanker said...

Oh My!!!! He is really changing and doing so much!!! He has the biggest smile. It lights up his whole face. It is hard not to smile right back. I would love to see him and how much he has grown. Keep sending those videos. I love em...
Aunt Bonnie

kirsten said...

I love hearing about his milestones -- and the way he's noticed how people respond to his smiling is awesome. It's so amazing to watch babies' personalities develop. ♥

Mattison Grace said...

All I can say is OMG!!!! He is so big. What a cute smile.
He will be sitting up unassisted before you know it. Everything happens so quick so get ready! Enjoy these days of him being clingy because when he starts to crawl that will be all he wants to do. Trust me Day and Night!!! Heh-
I absolutely cannot wait to see him again!!!!

Pam Marion said...

Carter Logan, I just sit in awe when I see your accomplishments! As said by Aunt Bonnie, I just break-out into a smile when I view your photos and videos. Great job with the sippy cup. Next, you need to sample the teether biscuit and we need this on video as well! If mom does not introduce this, maybe Aunt Pam could "sneak" this into the Septmeber visit. We love you!

Aunt Pam & Uncle Scott

rita said...

If he likes sitting up, I do recommend getting a bumbo chair. It really does work! I wish I had gotten it for Sam earlier, but I wasn't sure it would really work.