Tuesday, July 29, 2008


First, note the time of this post. I get so much done after Carter goes to sleep...

I haven't made a diapering post in a while, and since we've moved up a size most of my dipes have changed. I have some new cool stuff that I really love, so here is a lovely picture-heavy post of my current stash.

Our stash currently consists of pockets diapers (which you stuff with various kinds of absorbent pads, or double-stuff for overnight) and all-in-ones (which come with the padding built in). I've moved away from using prefolds and fitteds, which require separate covers. I've also started buying "one-size" diapers as much as I can. One-size diapers have sets of snaps in the front that you can fasten or unfasten to make the diaper bigger or smaller. Theoretically, one-size diapers will fit until potty training, saving us lots of money.

For example, here are some Bum Genius one-size pocket diapers, snapped to show a small, medium, and large. I have nine of these in all, and Carter has just started wearing them on the medium setting.

On to the stash. Most of these are WAHM-made, from small companies run by women out of their homes. It's been fun to collect lots of different ones, just to see what's out there. Anyone who uses cloth diapers can tell you it's a bit of an obsession! :-D

Here are my prized Blueberry minky one-size pockets (snapped down to small). They're soft and furry! They're a bit warm right now, so Carter wears them with only a t-shirt.

These are Happy Cheeks one-size pockets, snapped down to a small.

Here are some various snapping pocket diapers. Top row: Honey Child medium (sent to me by a friend in New Zealand; I have another green one that is not pictured) and a small Haute Pockets. Bottom row: small Fuzzi Bunz pockets. I have a navy blue one and another print that are in the wash.

I actually prefer velcro over snaps, but I've heard that snaps are better when they get to be toddlers, because it's harder for them to take snapped diapers off. These have pretty big pockets, and so I'm using them for overnight, with double stuffing.

I had these Fluffy Fanny pockets custom-made just for Doug. The outside is Denver Broncos, and the inside is Dallas Cowboys. He hates the Cowboys, and that is what will get pooped on. Mwahaha!

I've posted these before, but we're still using them. These are Thirsties pocket all-in-ones; they have sewn-in padding and can be used alone, and also have an opening in which you can stuff extra padding if you want. We used to use these for overnight, but they're too small for Carter with extra stuffing, so now we just use them as AIOs. They are bulletproof, too -- no leaks!

These are small Bum Genius all-in-ones, Doug's favorites. They will soon be too small for Carter (they go up to 16 pounds), and I've ordered half a dozen mediums, since he likes them so much.

These are Bum Genius organic one-size all-in-ones, snapped to a small. The lining is made of organic cotton. They dry fast, and I like that the inside is natural fiber. We may get more of these eventually.

These are Bumware Extreme all-in-ones, size medium. They are reportedly the slimmest AIOs out there. I bought a couple to try them out and I like them pretty well.

These are custom embroidered Chunky Monkey all-in-ones, size medium. I picked out the colors and the pattern, and she made them for me. SO CUTE!!! I think I might get one with Carter's name embroidered on the back too. I wish these were one-size because it's going to be hard to let go of them when he outgrows them!

These are Cuddlebug diapers, size medium. They have snap-in hemp liners, as shown below. I liked the patterns, but I'm not yet sold on the style of diaper.you have to make sure the lining is tucked in well, and if it shifts you can get a leak. I'm going to try them a few more times, but I may end up selling them.

And finally, we use g-diapers when we travel, and I have five covers. There is one cream-colored one that isn't pictured here. They have cloth covers, and you stuff them with pads that are completely biodegradable and flushable. They're a bit expensive to use on a regular basis ($15 for a package of 30 pads) but I love them as an alternative to disposables when traveling. Great for hotels, especially.

I ordered some custom Denver Broncos AIOs from someone online, but they have yet to show up. I'm starting to think I just lost my money on that one. Well, it's not like we don't have enough diapers, heh.


Emily said...

this post has me drooling! I love looking at all your dipes. my stash is SO boring. :(

So, if you had to pick a favorite, what would it be? and, where do you get most of your diapers? Are they all new or do you buy used too? Now that KT has a job, I might buy one or two different types..... :D

Jenn said...

Reply to Emily:

Thanks! It's such an obsession, isn't it?

I think my favorite all-around dipe is the BG 3.0 OS. They're just a fantastic diaper, and I love the fact that we'll be able to use them for years. BGs fit Carter really well, too.

I love the custom dipes too, though, and the Chunky Monkeys are really great quality. Even though we don't need more, I'm thinking about getting a few more just because I like being able to customize them.

I've bought some used dipes, but most of mine are new. I keep intending to sell some of the ones he's outgrown, but I can't bring myself to do it yet! I buy mostly from the sites linked above, directly from the women who make them. I found a lot of these just by exploring Hyena Cart sites, and also by asking others for recommendations. For example, people rave about Blueberry dipes, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a few, even though they're expensive.

Mattison Grace said...

Those are the cutest diapers. I love the animal print diapers. Makes me think of Tarzan! I love them!

rita said...

DAY-YUMMM! You have a lot of diapers!

The argument that they are cheaper than disposables is such bullshit. Cloth diapers are WAY more collectible than 'sposies.

I'm happy, tho, because Sam is kinda outgrowing his fuzzi bunz, so I just bought some Happy Heineys at SA's new store, and I also ordered some new FB's in hot colors.

I still can't decide if I like the velcro or the snaps better. It seemed like the thigh snaps eventually wore out. At any rate, they would come undone. But they do provide a better fit.

Also, the velcro seems to stick to everyhing in the wash, no matter how carefully I try to attach it to the little tabby things.

My BG 2.0 tabs finally wore out, and I had to do a repair job on them. And for whatever reason, my 3.0 has pilled really bad. At any rate, that's why I decided to go the next size up on the FBs. So I now have 4 Happy Heineys and will soon get 6 new FBs.

Yay cloth! So much fun!