Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick update

I have several videos to share, but YouTube is down at the moment, of course. So I'll just post a quick update about our weekend.

We went down to San Antonio on Saturday for the Drum Corps International Southwestern Championship, something we try to attend every year. If you've never seen a drum corps perform, you're totally missing out. It's like the best, most amazing marching band you've ever seen. Anyway, we're big fans, and this year we decided to take Carter along. We were nervous after the disastrous attempt to go to a concert last weekend, but we hoped for the best.

He did surprisingly well. The event is all day, but the ten best corps perform from 7-11 at night, so that's what we really wanted to see. We had little ear protecting headphones for Carter, and we could get him to wear them for most of the evening. He seemed curious about everything around him, smiled at people, and even fell asleep a few times -- so the headphones must have worked.

We had to take turns taking him out when he started to get a little fussy, but for the most part we both saw the entire program. It was awesome!

I'll post more tomorrow when I can access YouTube again. :-D


Mattison Grace said...

Carter has definitely grown a lot over the past few posts. You can tell he is so alert and intersted in what is going on around him.
I am glad you had a better experience this trip out. I wish I were as brave as you to get Matti out more. You are an inspiration to us! I cannot wait to see the videos.

Pam Marion said...

This photo is so precious.....I can not believe he actually wore the head-set! Ryan would not wear a hat, this is so amazing to me.
And 15 pounds......breast milk all the way!!

Love to each of you,

Rita said...

I'm so glad it went well!

As it turns out, I got a fever that day, and probably Sam did too. We were both wiped out by noon and took a three hour nap. That evening I finally decided to take my temp - and I had 101! It went away by Monday, but still. What a weird thing.