Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday update

Things have been busy around here lately. I was home one day last week; on Wednesday morning Carter and I drove up to Dallas for a Harry Potter convention. It was fun to see friends (and show Carter off) and be all geeky for the weekend. Doug flew in from New York on Thursday night and got lots of quality Carter time while I was off being geeky.

We had tickets to see Betty Buckley in concert on Friday night, and our plan had been to take turns sitting in the lobby with Carter while the other one watched the concert. We thought it was a brilliant plan. Carter was happy sitting at the sushi bar at dinner, and then fell asleep in the car on the way to the theater. We were all "Yay, maybe he'll just sleep now", but while I was in the bathroom someone came up to him sleeping soundly in Doug's arms, grabbed his foot, and WOKE HIM UP. Dude, what idiot wakes up a sleeping baby??? I was spitting mad, seriously.

And he never went back to sleep. In fact, he screamed bloody murder for most of the first half of the show. He was so loud I finally took him outside, because I was afraid they could hear him in the theater. When Doug came out to change places with me, I was in tears, and we decided to get Carter back to the hotel. I never even saw Betty Buckley's face. :-(

But overall the weekend went well. One interesting thing that happened was that Carter suddenly started refusing bottles. I had pumped so Doug could feed him while I was out and about, but he wasn't interested. So I ended up coming back to the room every couple of hours to nurse him. It worked okay, but it was strange that he wouldn't take a bottle. It's only been a few weeks since he last had one, and I'm surprised he's already forgotten. Someone online suggested that if we can't get him to take a bottle we might go ahead and try a sippy cup. He seems too small for that, but he's almost 4 months adjusted. Must think about that...

Here are some cute pictures from this weekend. First, here are both of us in robes. He fell asleep on my lap between panels.

He was dressed as baby Harry Potter. So cute! He was a huge hit, as you might imagine.

Now on to milestones: He's really working hard on sitting, and can sit on our laps with minimal support. Here he's sitting on Doug's chest:

He can hold his torso upright so much better now; when I hold him I just have to support him under the butt, and he wraps his arms around my neck or grabs my shirt. When he sits on our laps, he doesn't like being leaned back very much; he wants to sit up and look around. He loves being carried around and looking at things, though he also seems to get overstimulated pretty easily. He still hasn't rolled over yet, and doesn't show much interest in trying. He's getting very good at standing, though, and if we pull him up by his hands will now go right to his feet. He can stand for a long time, too. Here is a video that shows him standing:

He's started blowing bubbles in the last couple of days, and he likes me to do it with him. Oh, and he's just started laughing! Yesterday was the first real laugh I've heard from him, and he's laughed more today. It's so cute!

This morning he weighed 14 pounds, 9 ounces. I looked up some growth charts online, and it looks like he's at the 50th percentile for weight. That's so amazing! He has a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and I'm sure they will be impressed. :-)


hadjare said...

Love the wizard in training outfit. He's so cute!

Debby said...

I love the outfits...and especially the standing...He looks so much bigger...I miss my little Carter..Love you, Nana B

bonbonbanker said...

He is getting so alert. I love that you guys take him wherever you go, even if it does not work out. Just enjoy this time of your lives. Before you know it, he will be grown,

Emma K said...

He is so big and I know I'm partial b/c I'm his Aunt, but he is just the cutest thing! Look at that face, just precious! We've always tried to take Aidan and now Aidan and Emma most of the places we go and sometimes it works out and sometimes we have to leave, you just never know what mood your baby is going to be in. I can't believe his weight, that is awesome! Love you! D

MyUtopia said...

How cute!