Monday, May 5, 2008


I should really write a big post about how breastfeeding is going, how Carter has really started to smile lately, and how much I'm enjoying his becoming more interactive every day.

But I'm feeling a bit lazy, so have some pictures. Oh, and some video too!

Let's do a little before and after comparison. This picture was taken January 12:

And this one was taken April 30. Crazy, huh? That's a seven pound difference! (And about 40 pounds in me, heh.) What a sweet snuggly little baby he is...

Here Carter is with Daddy on February 29, the day Carter was released from the NICU. He weighed 4.5 pounds then.

And here he is on May 1, almost exactly twice the size he was in the picture above.

This one was taken March 30, when Carter started wearing newborn clothes.

And here he is in the same sleeper this morning. Look how much he fills it out now!

He's getting so big. People still think he's a newborn when we're out, and so when they ask how old he is I have to explain the whole story. I don't mind, though. :-)

Okay, now a couple of videos. The first shows Carter smiling and was taken with my cell phone. He's been smiling for about a week, but this is the first time I've managed to get it on video.

And this one shows how he's starting to use his hands more. He's on my chest and is grabbing at my shirt. He was doing it a lot more before I got the camera, of course. He's a bit camera shy. (Wonder where he gets that from? *cough*Doug*cough*)

Spam me with comments now! I love them. :-D


Debby said...

I could watch the smiling video a million times and never get tired of it. I love to to watch little Carter sweet...
Love you, Nana.

Emily said...

he is so sweet! Thank you for sharing these pictures. and don't ever worry about a post full of pictures rather than text!! :)

AFB said...

He seems so big now! :D And OMG... I had no idea babies could start smiling that soon. CUTE!!

Mattison Grace said...

Things are starting to happen fast. Every day he will do something that amazes you.
He is so sweet. It is amazing how much he has grown over the past few months. That smile is priceless. Nothing beats a big toothless smile from your baby!
I cannot wait to see him again in person. There is no telling how big he will be by the time we go to the beach. I look forward to seeing you all!
Give Carter hugs and kiss. Before to long that smile will become a laugh when you least expect it!

Jules said...

he is so cute I can hardly stand it! He 7 OG could have been twins if they weren't 3.5 yrs apart!! I LOVE looking at pix of him!!!