Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mmmm... BBQ...

I went to Rudy's to get us breakfast tacos this morning, and when I got back Carter was being very fussy. I finally picked him up while eating my taco so I could try to comfort him, and a chunk of stuff fell out of my taco -- and right into his mouth! I looked down to see him munching on a piece of potato! I fished that out of his mouth and leaned him away from my body to see that his mouth was covered with Rudy's BBQ sauce! His eyes were wide, and he was licking his lips and trying to get as much of that taste in as he could. I wiped it off before I thought to snap a picture, but I was laughing so hard. The look on his face was priceless, like, "Mmmm.... Oooh, I could have that again sometime..." Uncle Scott will be proud that Carter loves that Rudy's sauce already! ;-)

Carter's also starting to become interested in the world around him. He looks around a lot, especially when we're out. Until a few days ago I could put him in the Moby and he'd go right to sleep, but suddenly he's wanting to see everything around us. As soon as he gets control of his head I'll turn him front-facing in the Moby so he can look around. I think he'll like that.

While I was having lunch yesterday he was pushing up off of my body and craning his neck to look around, and so I finally took him out of the Moby and sat him on my lap. He seemed to really like that. I took a video and a picture with my cell phone.

Look how big my little boy is getting! He weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces on Thursday, so I'm guessing he's right around 9 pounds now. *sigh*

Also, I've decided to go ahead and open this blog to the public for now. If I start getting wonky comments, I might close it again, but for now it's public. So feel free to pass the link on to people who might be interested. :-)


Emily said...

He's getting so big! Donna filled me in a little last week when I saw her and met baby Emma..what a cutie!

I'm going to pass this on to some friends now that it's public. :)

Mattison Grace said...

Carter is growing so fast. That is so funny about the sauce on his lips. Wait until he tries to drink the bath water when you rinse him.
He is getting to be so aware of his surroundings. They are so interested in what goes on it fun to watch them take it all in. He would enjoy a stroll outside when he is ready. Trees and nature are great for them to see, but with the pollen not a good idea right now.
Next thing you know he will be starting a baby babble conversation with you and squealing to get your attention. Watch out because it happens literally over night. I cannot wait to see him. It has been too long. Beach 25 more days.
Julie and Matti

Debby said...

Yeah for BBQ Sauce.....Uncle Scott will be proud!!! Carter is such a big boy, it won't be long before he can start eating some solids...the time flies by in just a blink of the eye...
Remember, Nana love you!!!

Pam Marion said...

tell carter to try the beef brisket too . uncle scott