Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Breastfeeding had been coming along reeeeally slowly until yesterday. For the last four weeks, every time I did a pre/post weigh Carter would get between 0.6 and 1.3 ounces. But a full feeding for him is 2.5-3 ounces, so he was only getting about a third of his milk from nursing. It was depressing to nurse him for 45 minutes, and then to have him start chewing on his fingers again and suck down another 2 ounces from a bottle. I was starting to think I was going to have to pump forever, with nursing just being the way I comforted him until the bottle was ready.

I hadn't bothered to weigh him for a week, partly because of the hospital stay, but also because I just couldn't face the scale. I decided to weigh him yesterday just to see, and to my great surprise, he got 2.2 ounces in the first 15 minutes! In another 20 minutes he got 0,4 more, for a total of 2.6 -- basically a full feed. I was so stunned!

So I feel like we've turned a corner with the breastfeeding, finally. I now know that he can do it -- even if he can't necessarily do it every time yet -- and that means we'll get to exclusive nursing. Maybe in another month we'll be there, and that has really cheered me up!

In other news, Mom is on her way! We'll head to the airport to pick her up here in a bit. :-D


bonbonbanker said...

Hooray...I know you are excited about the progress Carter is making with breast feeding. He is doing so great and you have been such a great Mother. Carter is a very lucky boy to be loved so much. Tell my Sis hello and I hope you guys have a great time while she is in Texas. Tell her to get hugs and kisses for me from Carter...
Love ya,

Aunt Bonnie

Mattison Grace said...

I enjoy reading about Carter's progress. I am glad breast feeding is starting to go well for you both. I know it is a special bond between a mother and child.
Carter should really start surprising you with other milestones anyday now. It is so exciting to watch them grow and learn. Babies are definitely amazing!