Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carter's room

Mom painted Carter's room, and today we put the finishing touches in place. It looks really amazing! It will be a while before Carter moves in, as he's still sleeping in the cosleeper in our room and will be for the near future, but he has a very cool room all ready for him.

The idea was to create the look of a safari tent. Mom painted the room a soft green color, which really looks great with the dark wood of the furniture.

We found these bookshelves at IKEA. I had seen a set of bookshelves flanking a window with a seat between on Pottery Barn's website, creating a window seat. You can see that configuration here. We recreated that look with the IKEA bookshelves, an ottoman from another room, and some throw pillows. I wanted the curtains to be made of mosquito netting, and we happened to find curtain panels exactly like that at IKEA - for $4.99! I think the look we managed to create is just beautiful.

I love this big diaper pin over the changing table. It was also from Pottery Barn Kids.

Mom took a video tour of the room:

Here is another video of Carter kicking his legs. It's something he's just started doing in the last few days. He's starting to notice the world around him a lot more, which is so fun to watch. Until recently, his behavior hadn't really changed much since he was born. He was a newborn for three months, effectively. It's almost strange to see him start to grow and develop. He seems to be right on track as if he were born on time, which is good.


bonbonbanker said...

The room is absolutely beautiful and I love the theme. The large safety pin is adorable and the curtains made of netting was a great idea. I know Carter will really enjoy his nursery very soon and I bet you are glad it is finished, Jen. Now everything is complete.... I know my sis is dreading leaving you guys and coming home. The good news is that we will see ya all soon. \
We had a great weekend with the Newtons and we got some great pictures of Matt, Julie and Matti...
Aunt Bonnie

Mattison Grace said...

I am so envious. Carter's room is so cute. I love the bookshelves and window seat. The big diaper pin is too cute. He will love looking and studying all the animals in his room. You just wait. He will start talking and squealing at them very soon!!!!
The videos of Carter are wonderful. He will continue to do new things every day. Just wait until he will not lie still on the changing table and it gets harder and harder to change diapers because he is jumping around like a fish out of water. It is the best to watch them grow and learn!
We cannot wait to see you. Only 33 more days until our big beach trip!

Primrose said...

What a gorgeous crib! I'd like to have a bed in that style.

Also, yay for opening up the blog! I haven't checked LJ nearly as much as I have in the past, so I've missed all your entries. Blogger is a lot easier to check because it's not so cumbersome. :)