Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaBloPoMo 2/30: Halloween (part 1)

This is the first of many posts about Halloween! The weekend before Halloween we were in NC, and so the weekend before that we did some Halloween stuff at home.

We celebrated Doug's birthday with a great dinner, cake, and presents. We're pretty sure this was the first time Carter ever ate in the formal dining room.


Earlier that day I did some baking, and Carter helped out.

We made pumpkin bread and angelfood cake, two of Doug's favorites. I then made pumpkin cake pops out of one of the loaves of pumpkin bread. They turned out really well, though decorating them was more of a challenge than I expected. Carter was very happy to eat all the mistakes, though.

I had taken Carter shopping for birthday presents for Doug earlier in the week, and one of the things he picked out was a Hungry Hungry Hippo game. I asked him to pick out a game he could play with Daddy, and that was the one he picked. He was SO excited for Doug to open it, and couldn't keep it a secret. He must have told Doug half a dozen times that they were going to play Hungry Hungry Hippo, and Doug still managed to act completely surprised when he opened it. We've played that game quite a lot since!

The next day was Sunday, and we had a great day just hanging out together. That evening Doug and I had dinner with a visiting friend from high school and her boyfriend, and Michelle took Carter to the Halloween party at the Little Gym. She took lots of pictures, and Carter had a great time!

Here he is with one of his teachers. There are quite a few pictures where he's sticking his tongue out, and I'm not sure why!


This one cracks me up.


Here he is in some kind of maze. It must have been too warm for his firefighter jacket, but even his partial costume is pretty cool.


Here he is with his favorite teacher, Mr. Trey.


Yet another tongue picture.



Some of the teachers appear to be getting pies in the face here.


Michelle reported that the party was sort of a madhouse, but that Carter had fun. :-)

The following weekend we went to NC and had even more Halloween-related fun. I'll continue tomorrow with part 2.

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