Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New camera!

I wanted to post some pictures I've taken with my new camera. (I lost the old one in Chile last week, sadly.) I'm still getting used to the features and trying to figure out how best to take pictures with it. It definitely takes high quality video, which is cool.

The camera takes panoramic shots, which is a feature I've never had on a camera. This would have been cool to have in Chile! But instead, here's a panoramic shot of the living room.


The camera has a feature called "skin softening" that is really a nice effect. It just smooths everything out! You can see it here in these pictures of Carter.


Here he is at breakfast on Sunday morning. Mmmm, waffles...


Today we went to a new spot that just opened up down the road called Jumpstreet. It's an "indoor trampoline park", and it's SO awesome! It's actually more for adults than kids, with fitness classes and all sorts of fun things involving trampolines. There is a slope where you can snowboard, even. There's a corner for kids with trampolines and an inflatable jumper, and adults can jump with kids, which isn't usually the case at the inflatable bounce houses. It cost $4 for Carter and I could jump for free in the kid area, so it was a great bargain as well. If you live in the area, I really recommend it!

Here is Carter in the kids area:


I took a lot more pictures of him jumping, but I have yet to find the right setting on my camera for action shots, so most of them were hopelessly blurry. But I did take a video while jumping, and my camera actually did a great job of keeping the picture steady. Doesn't this look like fun? :-D

So much fun! And it was good exercise too. I can't wait to go back!

Here are a couple of pictures just from my phone. I posted this one on Facebook already, but it's of Carter showing off a Yoda tattoo he got in a Happy Meal. It turns out you can apply those with a baby wipe, heh.

And I'd promised a picture of the current train setup:

It's hard to believe we've only had the playroom since January. It feels like it's been part of our home forever! We've gotten SO much use out of it!

I still need to post Chile pictures. That's coming sometime soon. :-)

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