Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stockholm (Part 6)

So much of this trip has kept Carter from the thing he loves most, which is playing outside. On the cruise ship there just wasn't a great place to play outside (other than our balcony), and we never spent any time on the numerous playgrounds in Barcelona. So yesterday when Doug had to work, I decided to make sure Carter got to spend the whole day playing outside.

After doing some looking on the internet, I decided to go to Skansen, a sort of historical park. It was an easy tram ride to the park, and as soon as we got in the gates, Carter spotted a patch of gravel and decided THAT was where he wanted to play. So I got out some little construction vehicles we always keep in the stroller bag, and he spent a good 20 minutes playing.


Clearly Carter misses his sandbox! After a while I convinced him to actually go into the park to explore, and we did. It's basically this huge hill with recreations of 19th century Swedish houses and farms. There are people in costume working there and demonstrating how people used to live (like Williamsburg), and there are several sections of animals, playgrounds, restaurants, and even a small country fair area. Carter enjoyed getting to run around and be in nature.


I basically followed Carter around the whole day. We played on a playground for a long time.


Here are some other pictures from our day exploring the park.


You can see the city in the background of this picture.


There was a little zoo with Scandinavian animals. This is a moose.


We also saw some bears and caught a glimpse of a lynx, but most of the other animals were in hiding.

We eventually headed down to the fair area, where the only ride Carter was interested in riding was this little train of vehicles.


There were some little kiddie rides and some carnival-types games. Carter loved this one where you shoot water at a "fire".


This was an awesome little motorcycle ride. There were cylinders under the wheels that made them turn, and then when he turned the handlebars, the bike would move around on the platform.


There was another small section of zoo near the fair. One of the cool things was that you enter the zoo through the lemur habitat. They definitely get up close and personal! I loved this little family group. There is a baby lemur nursing here.


Carter liked the lemurs.


We got really close, as you can see.


There was an aquarium as well, and Carter got to pet a snake. I thought I got a shot of that, but apparently not.


It was a fun day, and we didn't even see half of the park. We might go back tomorrow with Doug so that he can see it too. There is a funicular we didn't get a chance to ride, and a petting zoo we never got around to.

This morning we decided to look for another park to take Carter to. After looking around on the internet for a little while I found a park called Humlegarden Park that was supposed to have a nice playground. We took the subway to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then walked over to the park.

The playground area of the park turned out to be really cool. It was a huge playground area, and it was sectioned off into different areas, each of which was geared toward a particular age group. There were sandpits in each area, and lots of toys for digging.


There were age-appropriate playscapes in each area, all of which were really cute.



The big kid area had tons of tricycles, balance bikes, and other pedal-powered vehicles. Carter was so excited to see a balance bike and had a great time zooming around on it. It seemed like all the other kids there could ride balance bikes as well,and he had fun racing around with some of them. I think balance bikes originated in Scandinavia, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


We spent about 3 hours playing there, and Carter had a blast. Doug has to work again on Monday, and I think Carter and I will go spend the day there.

That's it for now! I'll try to make one more post before we head to NC for my family's beach trip -- the next part of the trip for Carter and me. Doug's vacation is over -- he's back to work now, unfortunately. At least he has tomorrow off. :-)

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