Saturday, April 30, 2011

Egg hunts and potty learning

I have a few pictures from our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. This was the first year Carter really seemed interested in it, and he had fun. There were tons of kids there.



It was kind of insane with all the kids running around, of course.

The following Sunday was Easter, and so we decided to have our own little Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I put out about 2 dozen eggs, each with either candy or a little toy inside. After out experience at the neighborhood hunt, I thought Carter would love running around and finding them all. But I was wrong, LOL. He picked up a few, and then he was done. I ended up picking up most of them myself!

He enjoyed opening them all slowly over the next couple of days, though. I meant to dye eggs this year, but we never got around to it. Maybe next year!

We had baby squirrels in the tree in front of our house for a while. It seemed like they grew up and moved away really quickly, but I managed to get one good picture of them both peeking out at us.


The other big thing that's been going on lately is potty learning. Carter has been able to use the potty since he turned 3, but only when he was naked. When he was wearing a pull-up, he had zero interest in going on the toilet. About two weeks ago, I decided it was time to try putting him in underwear. I explained to him that he was a big boy and was going to wear underwear from now on, and he would use the potty all the time. He seemed fine with that, and so we began.

For the first three days, I took him to the bathroom every two hours or so, and it all went fine. there were no accidents, even. After a few days, he started pushing back, and would sometimes refuse to go on the potty at random times I picked. He had few accidents, mostly when he was busy playing and didn't want to stop to go to the potty. After each accident, I cleaned him up and changed him, no big deal. Around day 5 or so, he started telling me when he had to go. It was as if he finally realized that he could be in control of it, and that if he didn't take control of it, it was actually going to be an inconvenience for him.

And it's basically been fine since then. Poop is still a big issue, but mostly because he has a very specific and toilet-incompatible position he likes to poop in. And of course, now he doesn't want to wear pull-ups anymore, so he wants to poop in his underwear. So yeah, we're still working on that one!

Expect a bunch of vacation posts in the next few weeks. We're about to embark on a big adventure together! And it's almost time to head to the airport...

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