Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaBloPoMo 4/30: Fall! And dentist tomorrow...

It's sunset, and we're playing in the sandbox in the backyard. What's missing from this picture?

Mosquitoes! In the last week we've dipped into fall weather, and it's been in the low 50s at night, high 60s during the day - and that is apparently too cold for Texas mosquitoes, because our normally infested backyard is suddenly mosquito-free.

This is pretty amazing, because we haven't been able to play in the backyard without either spraying ourselves or sitting by a fan since April. Hopefully this is it until the spring. I haven't seen many fire ants lately either. Bliss!

Tomorrow morning Carter has a dental procedure that requires sedation. He chipped four of his teeth when he was first learning to walk, and the dentist has been keeping an eye on them. Preemies have weak enamel anyway, so we were always concerned that something might have to be done. A month ago the dentist said it was time to cap them, before they get any worse and can't be saved.

So tomorrow morning we'll head to Dell Children's for the procedure. They sedate the little ones to avoid traumatizing them, which is why it's at the hospital instead of the regular dentist's office. The procedure starts at 7:00, and I'll probably post updates on Facebook while he's under. Tonight we're snuggling on the couch, eating popcorn, and watching "Mater's Tall Tales"!

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