Sunday, November 21, 2010

NaBloPoMo 20/30: Christmas tree -- almost

One of my great holiday memories from childhood is the night we put up the Christmas tree every year. We usually went out and bought a real tree, and it was very exciting to put it up and decorate it. I've always wanted to have some special family traditions around putting up the tree, like listening to holiday music, decorating the tree together as a family, baking cookies to eat afterwards, and so on.

We decided to buy a new artificial tree this year, as our old one is kind of a pain to put together. So we went to Lowes and found a new tree to bring home, and after dinner we put it together. Carter was really excited!


We got the tree put together, and Carter really loved it. Unfortunately, we had several branches that wouldn't light up, and one that kept going in and out. We finally decided that we need to take the tree back. So my planned night of holiday fun didn't pan out, sadly. Carter still likes the tree, though, and spent a good hour examining the branches with a flashlight, looking for dinosaur bones. Yes, dinosaur bones. I'm still not sure why he was convinced there were dinosaur bones in the tree, but I went with it, and we had fun looking for them!


Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday of Carter playing with his remote control car.



Here's another picture from tonight, showing how Carter plays with iphones. Note he has TWO iphones here, lined up next to his keyboard. On one is the kitty app that echoes everything, and he will use that one to record sounds from the other phone and play them back. He also likes to play little melodies on the keyboard, record them on the phone, and play them back. It's really interesting how complicated his play is with the phones. It's also funny how one iphone is no longer enough!


The photographer (Suzanne Reiss) came this morning and spent about an hour with us getting lots of shots of Carter and of the three of us, in and around the house. Hopefully we'll get good Christmas card shots and a good family portrait out of it all!

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