Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaBloPoMo 11/30: Long day

This morning Carter woke up when my alarm clock went off, which he's never done before. He said, "What was that?" I told him it was the alarm clock, and he said, "It has too many beeps!" That made me smile at 6:00 am.

Today was a long day. I left for work a little after 7:00 and didn't get home until almost 8:00 pm. That's about the longest stretch of time we've ever been apart. Doug got home at 5:00 and said that Carter asked about me for the next three hours. When I finally got home, I barely had time to eat some dinner before he wanted to go upstairs and snuggle in bed. He kept saying, "Carter is very tired. Mommy is very tired too."

So we went upstairs a little early (especially considering that he napped from 2-5 today) and he was very happy tonight to finally have Mommy and Daddy in one spot, all snuggled up under the covers with him. He really likes the nights when we all three snuggle in bed together!

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