Sunday, October 3, 2010

New York weekend

We spent last weekend in New York City, and I'm just now getting around to posting about it! This week was pretty busy. Maybe by the end of this week I'll be able to post what we did this weekend.

Since a week has passed, this post will be mostly pictures. I'll try to remember what we did! This one shows Carter at the airport in Austin, waiting for our flight. He loves airports!


The flight out went well. There is a nonstop from Austin to JFK now, which makes it easy to fly. We decided to travel with carryons only for this trip, so when we got to JFK all we had to do was go catch a taxi into the city.

That night Doug and I had to run off to tape our radio show and then we went to a reading of a new musical we'd been invited to. Carter and Michelle ended up hanging out in the hotel room that evening, so not much more happened that day.

Here are some pictures of Carter playing in the hotel room. The light was lovely.



On Saturday morning Doug, Carter, and I headed down towards Times Square with the goal of going to the big Toys R Us there. We rode the Ferris Wheel, and then followed Carter around the toy store for a while.


We always wind up in one of the super girly cars on this Ferris Wheel!


We met Michelle for lunch at Toloache, one of our favorite restaurants in the theatre district, and after lunch she took him to play in Central Park while we went to see "Promises, Promises". She took the camera and took a lot of pictures of him checking out the sights and playing in the Park. He likes watching these guys do some swordfighting.




He also got to hear some music.




I love this picture!


It was warm that afternoon, and the splash park was still open. We didn't bring a swimsuit for Carter, but that didn't stop him from having fun. He's the one in only a diaper.





After playing in the water, he didn't have any other clothes to wear, so he played in a soaking wet diaper! I really need to remember to pack a swimsuit no matter where we go...



He definitely had a fun day! We went back to the hotel between shows with the idea that we'd hang out with Carter for a little while and maybe even take him to dinner, but he had fallen asleep shortly before we got back, and didn't wake up until right before we had to leave again. That night we went to see a play called "Lombardi", and Carter and Michelle went to dinner and then to FAO Schwartz, where she bought him a skid steer, a toy he'd been talking about for a week!

On Sunday morning we took Carter to the Broadway Flea Market, and annual charity event in which Broadway shows have tables and sell things ranging from bakes goods to props and costumes. We have always wanted to go to this, and we were finally here on the right weekend! Unfortunately it was crazy busy, and it was really difficult to push a stroller through the crowds, so we didn't stay too long.


We bought Carter a set of drumsticks from "American Idiot", which he immediately loved!


We ended up hanging out in Times Square for a while, and then met up with Michelle for lunch at Lupa in the village. After lunch (which was amazing) she took Carter to play in nearby Washington Square Park while we started our last theatre day. Here is a cute video of Carter playing with his drumsticks in the park.

They ended up hanging out in the hotel that evening and watched a movie while Doug and I went to our last musical of the trip, "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson". Michelle texted to say that Carter had refused dinner, so on the way back to the hotel we got him a couple of hot dogs from a cart, and he devoured them!

The next morning it was raining, and so we hung out in the hotel as long as we could before going to the airport. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed three hours because of the weather, so we ended up hanging out at the airport for a long time. Even though the flight was a nonstop, we had a long travel day! We didn't get home until 10:00 pm. After more than 100 flights with Carter, I finally had a bad experience with another passenger who was very rude to me because she thought Carter was kicking the back of her seat. He wasn't -- he'd been asleep for most of the flight, and I think what she felt was my knee in the back of her seat while I tried to get comfortable with him asleep in my lap. I apologized several times, but she didn't want to hear it. She just wanted to yell at me and blame Carter for waking her up. It was weird -- I can handle people being rude to me, but there was something about her blaming Carter for something I *know* he didn't do that really made me mad. At the end of the flight, the woman sitting behind us talked about how great Carter had done on the flight in a loud voice, and then in a quiet voice told me to just ignore the woman who'd been so mean to me. I really appreciated that!

Traveling with carryons was great in some ways, but it really required extra hands just to manage it all. That part was hard enough that I'm thinking I won't try to do it when it's just me and Carter flying. I'd rather wait for checked luggage than deal with that by myself!

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