Monday, September 6, 2010

Quick trip to DC

We decided to go to Washington DC this weekend, basically at the last minute. Our main reason for going was that there was a regional theatre production of the musical Chess playing there, the first major revival in the US since it closed on Broadway in the late 80s. This has always been one of my favorite musicals, and when we found out about this production, I was dying to see it. Airfare on Labor Day weekend is expensive -- unless you want to fly out on Saturday and home on Sunday. So that's what we did. We spent just under 24 hours in the DC area!

I've lost track of how many flights Carter has been on now, but I'm sure it's over 100. He is earning frequent flyer miles on American, and even gets mail from them, heh. He was excited about this trip, as he is about all trips. We told him a couple of days before that we were going to go to Washington DC, and he talked about it a lot. Michelle told him we were going to the capital of our country, and he would say, "Going to the caterpillar of our country!" LOL.

Our flight was very early in the morning, and it was dark when we left the house. We packed the car and put Carter in the car seat last, still asleep. As we pulled out of the driveway, we heard this sleepy little voice from the back say, "Go for ride in the BMW racecar. Drive to the airport. Fly to Washington DC." I love the fact that he not only remembered where we were going, but knew exactly why we'd put him in the car so early!

We picked up Michelle on the way (who went along to hang out with Carter while we went to dinner and the show), and we even all got upgraded to first class. Carter fell asleep about halfway through the flight to Dallas, stayed asleep as we got off the plane, waited for our connection, boarded, and took off. He didn't wake up until about an hour before we landed!

We got to DC around noon and headed toward our hotel near the theatre in Arlington. Because Carter had slept so well, we had time to take the metro over to the National Mall for a little sightseeing. I was excited to take some pictures of Carter on the Mall. Of course, all he wanted to do was dig in the dirt:


And push the stroller around:


I have pictures of him pushing his stroller around like that on three different continents! I finally got a picture, though:


After he ran around for a while, we decided we had time to hit one museum. I asked Carter if he wanted to see airplanes or dinosaurs, and he chose airplanes, so we headed over to the Air & Space Museum. Doug had a great time showing Carter the important airplanes on display in the entry area.


He would describe each aircraft or spacecraft, and Carter did his best to repeat the names. It was so cute!


Carter finally started to get tired, so we swung by the gift shop and then headed back to the hotel for a nap. Doug and I went to the show later (which was awesome) and the next morning it was time to head back to the airport.

No upgrades this time, but as usual, Carter did well on the flight. He's really good at entertaining himself with his video player and the iphone, and so I even managed to read a book most of the way to DC and back. Just a few short months ago I wondered if I would ever be able to do anything but entertain him on flights ever again, so it's been nice to have a reprieve lately.

I'd been trying to figure out what Carter would be for Halloween this year, and Doug found him a costume in the gift shop of the Air & Space Museum: a NASA flight suit! It's really adorable, and big enough that he has quite a lot of room to grow into it. This pic is blurry, but I still liked it:


He put the hat on backwards by himself, oddly enough. Here's a better shot:


Carter and I will probably be going to Greensboro for Halloween this year, and that costume is very lightweight and so will be easy to pack.

That's about it. We spent today cleaning house and didn't do much. Carter had a runny nose before the trip this weekend, and by the time we got home it had turned into a cough. It seems like a really mild cold, but wheezing often follows, and then we have to use the nebulizer for a couple of days. We'll see how it goes.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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