Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Santiago! (Mostly pictures)

I love Santiago. It's such a great city, and I always feel very much at home here. It's cold here, the coldest year they've had in almost the last century, but it's honestly not that cold. The high today was in the low 60s, and it was sunny and beautiful, and everyone's walking around wrapped up like it's going to snow and complaining about how cold it is. I'm just happy not to be sweating!

The hotel we're staying at, The W Santiago, is really a gorgeous hotel. Here are some pictures from an evening when we hung out in the lobby lounge with Carter. He's wearing an orange shirt in all of these.

There's a room that looks like a modernized version of Dumbledore's office from Harry Potter, with all sorts of thing in glass jars. Here Carter was checking out some butterflies.

He checked out everything, actually!

He enjoyed some juice, while Mommy and Daddy had something a bit stronger.

They do juices really well in Latin America, by the way. Fresh, natural fruit juice is on the menu everywhere, and it's always amazingly good. Here Carter found a special place to sit.

There are computers down there, and Carter had fun playing some games on them.

These tables made excellent drums.

Carter likes the big bathtub in our room. He could swim in it, actually! It's also nice because it's literally in the middle of the bedroom, so he can take a bath while we hang out in the room and we don't have to sit on the floor right next to the tub.

We went down to Mercado Central one day, which has an amazing fish market. I meant to take more pictures there, but forgot to get my camera out. We had lunch at Donde Agosto, a seafood restaurant in the market, where Carter enjoyed another lovely glass of fresh juice -- raspberry this time.

Carter has gotten used to eating in restaurants for every meal, much to our relief. After the first couple of days, he was able to sit at the table for reasonably long periods of time and entertain himself.

Here he is in front of the big W outside the hotel while waiting for a taxi.

The hotel is right across the street from a lovely little park with a playground. We've enjoyed having a space for Carter to play outside.

My little treehugger!

There's a cage of tropical birds in this park, randomly.

It's been nice to be cold, I have to say. This is a hat I knitted for Carter last winter that I accidentally made way too big. It sort of fits him now.

Today we took the funicular up to the top of San Cristobal. Carter really enjoyed the train.

The view at the top is spectacular! Those are the Andes in the background.

Here is Carter with Michelle.

We spent some time just hanging out up there and enjoying the view.

After that we walked around the Bellavista neighborhood and had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Azul Profundo.

We've had a lot of fun so far. It's just been so relaxing to hang around the hotel and then go spend a few hours in the city. We drink some wine in the evenings, and then Michelle hangs out with Carter while Doug and I go find a place for dinner.

Carter seems to be really enjoying it. He loves having Doug and I both around, and his favorite thing is to ride in a taxi between us. He sings lots of little songs that he makes up, and often sings them while riding in the stroller! He's been watching kids' TV shows in Spanish, and has started saying random Spanish words and even saying "gracias" to people in the right context. It's interesting to hear him say Spanish words with a perfect accent. Little kids can hear subtleties of language that adults just can't.

He's been eating fairly well, and seems to be on an adventurous kick again. He'll eat shrimp just about any way it can be prepared, and in a country that specializes in seafood, that's a great food to like! He's had the opportunity to try lots of interesting new foods, and has done pretty well. It's so easy at home to get into a rut of feeding him the same things over and over, and one of the nice things about traveling is that we're all eating new foods, so he eats new things by default.

We'll be in Santiago for one more day before we head down to the wine country. I'll try to post some more pictures soon, but I'm not sure what the internet situation will be until we're back in Santiago a week from today.

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