Sunday, July 25, 2010

Video spam!

Here are some videos I've been meaning to get posted.

First up, Carter's new tractor. We were intending to get him a vehicle of some sort for Christmas, but when we saw this one, we couldn't resist. He loves it, his very own
John Deere tractor!

Here is one from our trip to Orlando. Carter loved having this big piazza to run around in, and what he really wanted to do was push the stroller around. (Yes, I'm that parent who lets her kid run around wild in public places, haha. Hey, I intercepted him when he got too close to the water...)

Here is a video of him on his balance bike. He hasn't got too adventurous on it yet, but he really likes it. He especially likes riding it around in the cul de sac when the big kids have their bikes. It's really adorable how much he likes to follow the bigger kids around! He has zero interest in kids his own age, LOL.

This one is just a fun and silly video of him wearing Doug's shoes and singing. He sings a lot these days, mostly little things like this that he just makes up. Bonus points to anyone who can identify what he's singing about. ;-)

We're heading to South America at the end of this week, so there will be lots of pictures posted from that trip! So excited!

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