Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day

It was 75 degrees on Sunday and we were playing in the park with short sleeves on. This morning, it snowed. Gotta love spring in Texas!

It was coming down heavy, with huge snowflakes. I've never seen snow like this in the seven winters we've spent here.

It would have been a great day to stay home and play in the snow with Carter, but alas, my classes weren't canceled. Since it was so warm a couple of days ago, the ground was still warm enough to keep it all from sticking. We had almost an inch on the ground when I left for work, but the roads were just wet.

Michelle took Carter outside, though, and she took a lot of pictures of him playing in the snow.

We even got some accumulation in the back yard, which is completely covered by trees.

They built a little snowman. They neighborhood was full of these mini-snowmen when I came home tonight. No one got enough snow to build a big one, LOL!

And of course, half the fun of building something is knocking it down again!

Carter got to taste a little snow, too.

It stopped midday, though they're saying we might get a little more overnight. We'll see! We're heading to NC this weekend, and apparently we're going to get more of this there. Maybe I should try to find Carter some mittens...

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