Monday, January 18, 2010

2 year WBV

I don't have any pics or anything to post today, just the stats from Carter's 2 year WBV. He weighs 27.5 pounds exactly (just under 50th percentile), and is 33.5 inches tall (just over 25th percentile). His head was 49.5 cm in circumference, which is 75th percentile. So he has a really big head for his height, LOL!

He had his flu shots today (yes, finally) and that is probably the unhappiest I have ever seen him with shots. He is usually fairly easy to console afterwards; I just nurse him. But today he was very upset, and wouldn't calm down until he could take off the little band-aids the nurse put over the injection sites. He was frantic about it, and when I tried to put one back on, he freaked out. He's never liked band-aids, and I realized that he probably associates the band-aids with the pain. He never sees the needles -- he probably doesn't understand what it was that caused the pain. All he knows is that by the time he looks down there are band-aids.

It explains a lot. :-/

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