Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This video is a bit boring, probably, but it shows Carter riding a Christmas train at a local mall.

He liked it, but what he really wanted to do was check out the tracks, look under the engine, and so on. And you know, they aren't so keen on toddlers doing that, you know? So he got carried out of the train area under protest. :-P I briefly considered doing a picture with Santa, but Carter has no clue who Santa is yet. It would probably just freak him out!

We've been trying to do things to get into the holiday spirit. It's so cold here lately that it actually feels like Christmas, which is kind of cool! We put up our tree last week with no decorations on it, only lights. We'll add decorations in a year or two when he understands they aren't toys to pull off and play with. He has a few times decorated the tree by hanging diapers on it, though!

Here we are drawing on the windows with window crayons. Carter LOVES this!

Carter's naps have been moving later in the day, which is apparently a sign that he's gradually moving towards dropping a nap. For the last two days, he didn't take a nap at all. He went to bed a couple of hours earlier those nights, but today he napped from 3:00-5:30. (In fact, he is sitting in my lap now, having just announced, "Good nap!") So he'll be up late tonight!

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Rita said...

Window crayons! How cool! I'll have to find some of those.