Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov 24: Only 14 more years...

Carter is totally ready to drive the Porsche. Here Doug is giving him some pointers:

And here Carter is practicing the moves Daddy showed him.

Before I got the camera, he was sitting there saying, "Vroom, vroom!" What I did get on video is really cute, though!

I'm constantly amazed at his vocabulary. He's a little chatterbox, and he is soaking up new words constantly. He says things that surprise me all the time, like "skateboard" and "garage" and "back seat". I think I read somewhere they they learn new words as quickly as 1 every 90 minutes at this age, and I totally believe it!

Tonight I realized he can recognize some numerals as well. He identified a 2 and a 5 written on some free weights, completely outside the context of counting. So he's definitely ready to start learning his ABCs. I think this is about the age I was when I started learning letters and numbers. (Right, Mom?)

Tomorrow morning we're flying to Orlando to spend our Thanksgiving at Disney World. Yes, we are insane! I hear it will be unbelievably crowded. I think we'll manage to have fun, though! I'll post lots of pictures and updates from there. :-D

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Debby said...

Yes you are right! You were reading from easy readers by two and reciting to your great aunts nursery rhymes that you had learned...Carter must be a chip off the old block...Have fun in Florida!!! Love you! Mom/Nana