Friday, November 13, 2009

Nov 13: Feeling better; Sing, sing a song!

Carter is feeling significantly better today. So much so that I'm wondering if sending us home with a nebulizer and $1000 worth of bronchial dilator meds (which our insurance covered, thankfully) was a bit of overkill. Either that or the stuff is a miracle drug, in which case we were still prescribed a LOT more than we needed. (And we wonder why insurance costs are so high?)

He slept really well last night, only waking up once: he was sitting up in bed a clapping, of all things. I just laid him back down and he went back to sleep, heh. He wasn't wheezy or coughing or anything all night. He got a little wheezy this morning and we did another nebulizer treatment, but he's been fine ever since.

So either the ped overreacted (he said he'd be sick another week), or Carter got better very quickly. Maybe he just has those awesome Christian family genes?

I went to work out with my weight loss group tonight and Doug said that Carter spent about half an hour playing in his room. We took the gates down from the stairs a couple of months ago when it became clear he could go up and down by himself without a problem. So now he goes up and down freely, though he mostly stays wherever we are. But tonight he decided to go play upstairs, so he went up and hung out in his room for a while. It's so amazing to see him starting to be so independent!

Tonight I decided to get out one of our many guitars so that he could explore it. It was the first time in a while he's gotten to play with a guitar, and he really had a lot of fun. He just banged on it at first, but eventually figured out that plucking the strings makes a cool sound. He started singing along with his playing several times, which was really cute, but also meant that he understood that this was music, and not just another way to make noise. Interesting, huh?

This video is long, but if you hang in there you'll see him sing a couple of times. It's really cute!

Hopefully we're going to have a good weekend, now that Carter is feeling better. I hope he's really on his way to being well. We'll see!

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Debby said...

It sounded like twinkle twinkle little star to Nana....Maybe Santa should bring him a little guitar for Christmas...Maybe we need to let him develope his playing, I know his dad could help....Love you all..Mom/Nana