Monday, August 10, 2009

Portland pictures

The next few posts will be picture-heavy, so sorry about that! We're in the midst of a bicoastal weeklong trip. I went to a conference in Portland, Oregon last week, and Michelle came along to watch Carter during the conference. They had fun trekking around in downtown Portland.

Here is a cute picture of Carter in the hotel room.

These were taken by Michelle while they were wandering around.

I met them for lunch and got to hang out a bit.

Michelle and Carter.

On Friday morning I didn't have a session to go to, so we all went to the Portland Children's Museum, which is possibly one of the best children's museums I've ever been to. Every exhibit was toddler-friendly, which is really a rarity. There was so much to see and do that we couldn't do it all. We skipped around a bit, and Carter had a lot of fun. Here he is trying to put on chapstick, LOL.

The aquarium is always interesting.

They had a cool waterbed for the kids to play on.

Carter liked the kid-sized grocery store, though he kept taking things out of other kids' carts. Here he's trying to eat a fake apple.

There was a fantastic water play area.

Notice he's the only one without a poncho on here. It seemed sort of pointless to put one on him at that point.

And then we found the digging pit. This was really cool! It was filled with bits of recycled rubber (like what they often use on playgrounds), and there were all these huge construction toys. Carter was in heaven! I couldn't even get him to look up for a picture!

On Friday evening Carter and I had dinner with my friend Laura and her family. Carter really enjoyed interacting with her kids. It was so cute to watch him watch them! She took some pictures, and I will post some when she sends them to me.

We had a lot of fun in Portland. My conference was great, and I got to spend some time with Carter too. Doug flew up on Friday night, and we took the train to Seattle on Saturday morning. I'll post about that tomorrow...

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Debby said...

Love the pictures...Carter looks like he is having a wonderful time....I am so thankful that you have someone like Michelle to that love Carter so much....She is wonderful...I miss you!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow...