Thursday, August 20, 2009

Backyard fun

It's been hot as heck here, but that doesn't stop Carter from wanting to play outside. We try to go out in the mornings before it gets too hot, and that's usually tolerable. Actually, it's still crazy hot and humid, so maybe we're just getting used to it. I am dreaming of days where it's only 80 in the afternoons, when we can just hang out outside all day, but it'll be a couple of months before that happens.

That hasn't stopped us from getting ready to play outside, though. We just got a big toddler playscape thing for Carter, which I'm hoping he'll enjoy for the next few years.

It's really cool, and can be configured in a bunch of different ways. He likes the slides, and going in and out of the little house.

Of course, even that can't compete with his wheels. We recently got him a Cozy Coupe car, and he LOVES it, OMG.

He will climb in, shut the door, turn the key in the ignition, and then sit there and turn the steering wheel. It's so cute! He hasn't figured out how to push it with his feet yet, but he seems happy just to sit in it.

Let me also say that was possibly one of the hardest toy assemblies I have ever experienced. About halfway through I was kicking myself for not looking for a used one on Craigslist, because it was really a pain to put together! But Carter loves it, and in fact likes to show it off to people. The first time he showed it to Michelle, he was so funny! He pointed out all the important features, like the door and the way it opens and closes, the key, the steering wheel, and the "star" on the rear-view mirror. That was something I hadn't even noticed, a star shape on the mirror sticker to make it look like it was reflective. He also likes to push it all over the yard, just like he does with his wagon.

Here is a picture of Carter and Michelle playing with a glider in the backyard. Carter is more interested in taking the glider apart when he catches it than throwing it himself, heh.

And here is a bonus pic of Carter eating strawberries and whipped cream for dessert recently.

Tomorrow we're heading to Colorado to visit Doug's parents for a long weekend. I'll try to post pictures and video from there. I hear it's nice and cool there now, so that should be a lot of fun!

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Debby said...

Love the pictures... I love the car and tike center with the slides... Love you!