Friday, May 1, 2009

Pictures for Cruise, part 5

Here are the pictures that were meant to be posted with the last post, when we were in Cadiz, Seville, and Malaga, Spain. This will be picture-heavy, so apologies to those who read this blog as a feed on LJ. I don't think there's a way to do a cut!

4/28/09: Cadiz and Seville

Doug and Carter watching the ship dock in Cadiz, Spain.

Cathedral in Seville, Spain.

Jenn and Carter admiring the cathedral in Seville.

Ceiling of cathedral, Seville. Carter: "Wow!"

Carter feeds his daddy a cracker during lunch in Seville.

Carter and Jenn, having lunch in Seville. Note the huge plate of fried anchovies!

Carter would rather be crawling around the streets of Seville.

Beautiful plaza in Seville.

Local residents dressed colorfully for the Feria de Sevilla, a week-long festival.

Beautiful gothic building in Seville

Carter checks out a playground in Seville

4/29/09: Malaga, Spain

Carter watches the ship dock in Malaga, Spain.

View of Malaga from a hilltop.

Cathedral in Malaga.

Jenn and Carter checking out the cathedral.

Street view in Malaga.

Narrow old lane, built in the Moorish style, Malaga.

Carter sleeps on the bus, yet again!

Back on the ship, Carter plays in the grass on the roof. That's a feature of the ship we've really used a lot more than we expected to!

Carter checks out a hole on the putting green.

Today we're in Barcelona, and I'll make a post about that sometime tomorrow. The internet issue seems to have been resolved, yay!


Mattison Grace said...

Wow-Great Pics. The picture of Carter in the stroller really shows how BIG he has gotten. He has really grown a lot over the past few weeks.
Thanks for keeping us up to date and I am so happy the trip is going great. Look forward to reading more and seeing you in just a few weeks.

Debby said...

Love the pictures!!! Such lovely places to visit! He has gotten to big..I really appreciate the pictures that you post..I look at them again and again...Love you, Mom/Nana

Rita said...

Oh gawd, I'm absolutely GREEN with envy. I want to be traveling again.... I hope you love Barcelona as much as I do!