Sunday, May 24, 2009

Almost walking

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted! I didn't mean to let it slide like that, but things just got really busy with our trip to NC, and it got away from me. We're in NC now and will be for the next two weeks, visiting family and going on the annual family beach trip to Ocean Isle. Carter did really well on the plane trip out, as usual, and has now been on 39 flights. If we'd bought him actual tickets, he'd have a lot of frequent flyer miles by now!

The big news is that Carter is suddenly making tremendous progress towards walking. After plateauing for months, he started walking while holding on with one hand a few days ago, out of the blue. It didn't take him long to get very comfortable with that, and now he will pretty much lead the person whose hand he's holding in whatever direction he wants to go. He has taken a few independent steps here and there, but mostly he wants you to come with him as he barrels towards his chosen destination. Here's a video taken the other day of him walking with one hand:

It's amazing how much that simple switch from two hands to one has changed everything. Now when we're out somewhere it's completely feasible to let him walk, rather than to have to carry him. He has realized that this walking thing gives him a lot more freedom to choose where he wants to go, and that has really motivated him, I think. Today everyone who walked with him noticed that he wasn't using the hand he was holding for much support, and often wasn't even holding on very tightly, so I think it is just a matter of days before he's walking independently. He just has to realize he can.

He seems like he's having a lot of fun here. He really thrives in new environments, and he loves being around people. Here are some shots from a family get-together on Saturday evening (an engagement party for my cousin Lindsay and her fiance John). It was fun to watch all the kids play together. Well, play in the vicinity of each other is more like it:

As usual, Carter was into everything with wheels.

"Hmmm... Miller Lite or Yeungling?"

Here we are out at lunch with his cousin Emma:

We think Emma was the one who taught him how to dance, something he suddenly started doing:

It's amazing how quickly he picks things up these days. He can say so many words that I'm starting to lose track, and he communicates really well. I have recently realized that I usually know exactly what he's trying to tell me he wants, through a combination of signs, words, and vague gestures. It's clear he understands a lot of what we say as well. It's so amazing!

Here is one more video of him riding a tricycle at his Nana's house:

He looked less than enthusiastic at that point, but he was really enjoying it earlier!

Another thing that's become clear in the last few weeks is that Carter LOVES being outside. He would literally spend all day outside, and cries when he's taken in. He will spend a lot of time pointing at the nearest door and tugging on your hands to convince you to take him outside. I'm glad he loves it so much, but it's going to be tough this summer when it's over 100 every day and super-humid. :-P

We're staying at my dad's tonight and will be heading to Mount Airy tomorrow to spend some time with my grandparents. We're heading to the beach at the end of the week, but I'll try to post another update before we go.

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Laura said...

I hear you on wanting to be outside. Riley comes over to the couch, or wherever we are, and grabs our hand to lead us to the nearest door too! Isn't it amazing to have that much energy?? :-)