Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vacation 2009: Fort Lauderdale!

We're finally here! We've been planning this vacation since before Carter was born, and it's so exciting to finally be starting it! We're currently in Fort Lauderdale, hanging out until our cruise leaves on Sunday.

It's been a rough week for Carter. At his WBV on Wednesday he had a couple of vaccinations that gave him a fever for two days, and that made him extra cranky and not a good sleeper. He was feeling better by the time we left Friday morning, but that turned out to be a longer travel day than expected because of weather that shut down DFW for a couple of hours. We were really regretting not taking the nonstop on Jet Blue at that point!

But Carter is a really good traveler, and he was in a great mood all day. He slept on both flights, which made it a lot easier for everyone involved! Here is a cute picture of him and Doug playing while we waited for our plane in Dallas.

We got to our hotel a bit late and decided to order room service for dinner. Unfortunately, the kitchen got backed up and we didn't get our food for an hour, which meant we were eating dinner at 10:00 pm. But hey, we're on vacation, right?

We have a lovely hotel room on the marina close to the cruise ship terminal. This morning we enjoyed checking out the beautiful view for our balcony.

The room doesn't have a bathtub, and so we decided to give Carter his first shower instead. He was very happy to follow me in and really seemed to like sitting under the water. He liked that he could open his mouth and water would just fall in, heh.

The weather is GORGEOUS, absolutely perfect. We had lunch at the pool bar, where we were the only people with a baby, LOL. It took them 10 minutes to dig up a high chair for Carter.

After lunch Carter had a nap, and then we went down to catch the water taxi. It's a sort of tourist boat that takes you through the waterways past all the expensive celebrity-owned houses along the canals. That was pretty interesting, and Carter even seemed to enjoy the ride, for the most part.

We got off the boat at one of the beach stops and went to have dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp. After that, we went across the beach to let Carter crawl around in the sand. The beach there is really beautiful.

Carter LOVED crawling around in the sand! He had a blast, and kept heading down towards the water. Here are some pictures:

Here is a video of him crawling around on the beach.

We went down to check out the water, which he also really liked.

And then he started crawling up the lifeguard hut's ramp. He did this at least 6 times, with Doug grabbing him just as he reached the top.

Here's a video of that.

We just got back, and it's time to hose the sand off of Carter and get him to bed. We're heading to the cruise ship terminal around 1:00 tomorrow, and I'll try to make a post tomorrow night if I can manage it.

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Debby said...

It looks like Carter loves the beach!! I hope we can build some sand castles this year at the beach...I know you will have a wonderful vacation. Keep us posted!!! Love you!!! Mom