Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Due Date!

Carter's due date was March 22, exactly 40 weeks after the egg retrieval surgery. And so today he is officially 1 year old. This is his Shoulda-Been day!

I have a ton of videos to post, so bear with me. Most of them show how well he is getting around these days, and how close he's getting to walking.

First, here are a couple of pictures of him playing in the playground at DFW:

I had always seen those playgrounds and thought it was a good idea, but now I look at them as a total lifesaver! Carter really needed to be able to get on the ground and crawl around, and that little area was a lot of fun for him. Here is a video of him playing. Notice how he's "driving" the car! I have no idea where he learned how to do that! The video starts with him crawling around in the Admiral's Club the day we left. People keep telling me he's a fast crawler. I guess he is!

The weather has been nice in Austin since we got back from NC, and we've had a lot of fun spending time outside. Here is Carter crawling around in the park:

We also like to play in the backyard. Carter loves being outside so much that he will often start to get upset when he sees we're heading for the door. Then he'll stand by the door and whine and pound on it for a while, as if to say "Let me out! I want to go back outside!" Here is Carter playing with his wagon:

By the way, the outfit he's wearing is an 18 month size! I had bought some Bailey Boys shortalls on eBay in size 12 months and 18 months, and the 12 month ones were really tight. So I put on an 18 months one, and it fits! 0_o

Here Doug is pulling him in the wagon around the yard:

We recently got him a little climbing castle thing for the backyard.

He likes the slide, but what he likes most of all is turning the steering wheel. Why there is a steering wheel on a castle, I have no idea...

Here is a video of him playing on the castle. He almost falls off at one point!

And here he goes down the slide:

Carter gets into everything these days, and is getting really good at climbing, even though he can't yet walk. He can climb the stairs really well, and pretty quickly too. He surprised us last night by climbing up on the hearth, something we didn't know he could do! Here he is climbing up on his little chair:

It's amazing how good he is at getting around now. When he does start walking, I think it will be no time before he's running and getting into even more stuff!

We've gone to the hot tub with him a couple of times this week, and he's really loved it. We heat it to about 95 and put him in his little float, and he just kicks his feet and floats around and looks up at the sky, loving every minute of it. It's a nice way to end the day, and he will go right to sleep afterward.

I have one more video to share, and it's pretty self-explanatory:

Heh. We stuffed them all into a grocery bag and we'll be using them out of that. :-P


Debby said...

I love the castle with the slide. He looks like he really enjoys the wagon ride too...Thanks for posting the you, Mom

Rita said...

Happy "other" birthday, little man!

I can't wait to see him again. Mebbe some weekend Sam and I can come up for a visit? I miss y'all!