Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday pics

There were a ton, so I'll just put them here as a slideshow. We cooked what we think are Carter's favorite foods for dinner: steak, green beans, and asparagus. We topped that off with the traditional Destruction of The Birthday Cupcake, which Carter enjoyed muchly.

He pretty much went straight from high chair to bathtub, as you might imagine! Surprisingly, he didn't seem to be affected by all that sugar.

I have a couple of cute videos too. They both show how active and mobile he is these days.

You'll notice that in both of them, he's really interested in the camera!

In other news, he has suddenly started swallowing more food when he eats. Up until a few weeks ago, he would mainly stuff his cheeks full and hold onto his food for as long as he could before we made him spit it out. Now we're starting to notice that his food is disappearing. It's reappearing in his diaper, often still in its original form, LOL. He's been eating a lot of grapes lately, and the skins pass right through. :-P

I had bought a diaper sprayer a while back, and just hooked it up to the toilet the other night. It's basically a little handheld sprayer that hooks up to the water line between the wall and the toilet tank, and it is AMAZING at spraying the poop off of diapers! Anyone who has ever dunked poopy diapers into a toilet would turn green with envy! The water pressure is enough to totally spray the diapers clean. That means I don't have to worry about letting poopy diapers sit in the pail and stain any more, yay! Now that Carter's poop is a bit more "mature", it's not as water-soluble as when he was completely breastfed.

And speaking of, today marks 12 months of breastfeeding for us. I couldn't manage to get the nurses to bring me a pump until more than 24 hours after Carter was born, but that didn't set us back too much. We worked very hard to get here, and I'm incredibly proud of the fact that Carter is mostly made of me. :-)

Here's to another 12 months!


Emma K said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday Carter! I can't believe you are one year old, seems unreal. He has grown so much in such a short time and has mastered so many things crawling, pulling up and cruising, it truly is amazing! I can't wait to see him in February! Aunt Donna needs to give Carter some sweet hugs and kisses!!

Congrats on 12 months of BFing! You are such an inspiration to those trying to master BFing, you came such a long way in the beginning and with some telling you it probably wouldn't happen you were so determined. I believe that is a huge part of BFing, if you don't have your whole heart in it it just isn't going to happen. Love you sis!

Debby said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you Carter!!!! Jenn you are such an amazing mother and I applaude you on your successful job at breastfeeding--against all odds--but I know you can do anything once you set your mind to it!!! You and your sister make be so proud as you are such loving moms...It swells my heart with love..thank you for being my daughter!!!! Mom

Rita said...

Oh dear gawd, the cupcakes. That's just horrifying!

Happy birthday, lil guy!