Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Carter

1. Carter is sometimes scared of men, but never women.
2. Carter smiles whenever he sees a kitty, whether a real one, one on TV, or a picture in a book.
3. Carter loves grapes and pretty much swallows them whole.
4. Carter is learning to brush his teeth. Well, he chews on the toothbrush, at least.
5. Carter likes to hang on the baby gate and bounce, especially when Mommy or Daddy is on the other side.
6. Carter loves taking a bath, and will try to climb in the bathtub fully clothed.
7. Carter's "outie" belly button is almost an "innie" now.
8. Carter's current favorite syllables are "neh", "ma", and "da".
9. When Mommy puts random things on her head, it makes Carter laugh.
10. Carter hates having his diaper changed, unless it is a poopy one. Then he seems to enjoy it!
11. Carter loves to take things out of boxes.
12. Carter like to eat paper. Paper pulled out of the bathroom trash can is especially tasty.
13. Carter LOVES electrical cords.
14. Carter has not yet learned how to clap his hands.
15. Carter loves being worn in a carrier or sling, even around the house while Mommy is doing housework.
16. Carter likes to turn the pages in books, as fast as possible.
17. Carter loves being outside.
18. Carter loves cell phones, especially iPhone-type ones with a screen that lights up.
19. Carter has 5 teeth, with one more on the way.
20. Carter lights up when he sees his Daddy.
21. Carter likes being undressed more than being dressed.
22. Carter likes sushi.
23. Carter has been on 25 airplanes, and has been to 6 US states: NC, TX, AZ, IL, WA, and CO.
24. In three months, Carter will get to use his brand new passport when he goes to the Azores, Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy. By then he will also have added 3 more US states to his list of ones visited, and at least 12 more airplane flights.
25. Carter wears size 12 month clothes, but size 18 month socks and shoes.

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