Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9: New hat , chicken

I've been able to use the time after Carter goes to bed at night to work on knitting projects, and I've really enjoyed it. My most recent project was a football hat. It's designed to look like an old-fashioned leather football helmet. Isn't it cute?

I duplicate-stitched on the UT logo instead of the little football the pattern called for, and it turned out pretty well. Here is another view:

If only he would actually wear hats! It takes a while to get these cute pictures, because he's constantly trying to pull the hats off. Sometimes I can distract him for a few minutes and he'll forget about the hat, but he will eventually pull it off again. i guess I should have tried to put hats on his head sooner, heh. The same thing goes for socks. They stay on for a few minutes, tops.

BTW, I'm jennchsm on Ravelry, if anyone else is a member there and wants to see more of my knitting projects.

We had fried chicken for dinner last night, and we gave Carter a bit to try.

It's funny how he seems to now know that something is food before he even tastes it. If I give him some paper or something, he'll stick it right in his mouth. But if I give him something that is food, like a bit of tortilla or chicken, he will make a face right before he sticks it in his mouth, almost like he's bracing himself for the taste. He's starting to bite off pieces of food and gum them now. He will sometimes keep a piece of food in his mouth for a long time, gumming it and sucking on it and generally playing with it in his mouth. I think he will occasionally swallow things, but he still usually spits those pieces out again. Eventually. :-P

Finally, here is a picture I took yesterday morning of him with Lucy. She is really patient with him, and he is increasingly fascinated by her. He will smile at her when she comes near him, and if she meows at him, his whole face lights up. He's still a bit grabby with her, something I hope he will grow out of before she loses her patience with him. Somehow I think there are a lot of cat scratches in his future.


Debby said...

What a cute hat!!! He is such a big boy... Nana is counting the days to Thanksgiving!!

Emily said...


Mattison Grace said...

Carter is just growing so much. I love the hat. It is so sweet. I am so excited to see him again in the next few weeks. I cannot wait to see how the babies interact now that Carter is sitting up. Hopefully they will be playful.
I have enjoyed reading all of the recent posts and looking at all the pictures. Thanks for keeping us so updated. It is just amazing how time has gone by so fast. The holidays will be fun for us all.

sarah said...

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thanks so much!